OneCoin CoinRush Event

The big event took place in the Wembley Arena in London on 6/11, 6/12, 2016.

Announcements and Milestones as seen by a participant:

  • The mobile app went live and ready to download on both the Google Play and Apple Store networks. The mobile app is on both Google Play for Android devices and the Apple Store for use on iOS mobile devices. With this application OneLife Network members can access their accounts on the go and run their businesses;
  • New OneCoin and OneLife Network websites went live;
  • OneCoin, the company, becomes OneLife, separating the coin brand from the company network brand. The OneLife Network will reflect the referral network or affiliate marketing opportunity. It provides access to education about cryptocurrency, as well as other products and services, with more to come. A limited space cloud storage solution is offered to all OneLife Network members and an upgrade is offered for larger storage needs. Sales of a smart tablet, called the OneTablet is launched, producing BV for sellers in a new commission structure;
  • The OneCoin currency and a OneCoin website become separated free-standing sites so that if for some reason the OneLife Network were to be discontinued the coin would continue to be traded and used. The OneCoin site is intended to provide free access to public trading of OneCoin cryptocurrency by the end of 2016. The plan is to have OneCoin available on Forex platforms being exchanged for any currency and then to be publicly traded on a global scale and this is all planned for the end of 2016.
  • For spendable OneCoin a Mobile App Builder (MAB) is announced. This allows businesses to create their own mobile app that integrates their products and services in the OneCoin payment solution and to include OneCoin as a form of payment. OneLife members that refer such businesses will make commissions on the sales done through those apps. It was estimated that the merchants that build apps will be able to begin accepting OneCoin as of the end of 2016;
  • OneCoin Blockchain Replaced! Dr. Ruja, saying that the acceptance of OneCoin has far exceeded expectations, announced a radical change. The current blockchain allows for 2.1 billion OneCoin to be created. On October 1, 2016 a new blockchain will replace it that allows for 120 billion. Also the mining of OneCoins will be sped up. Currently, it is taking as long as 100 days for orders to be filled. Dr. Ruja expects orders will be fulfilled within one week with the new blockchain. To sweeten the deal for anyone presently owning mining tokens, or mining for or owning OneCoin, they will get their tokens or coins doubled in the new blockchain. This will only be available until September 30th and the switch will happen on October 1st and will only happen once in the history of the OneLife Network.

As Juha Parhiala so eloquently stated at the Coinrush OneCoin London Event, “OneCoin is in 214 countries and you can trust 214 countries or the sh#t that is on the Internet.”
Oh, what? There’s bullshit on the internet? Interested? Check these samples:

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