The Orlando Shooting – False Flag

Oh, another false flag? I’m shocked! Just shocked! But I shouldn’t be because it is perfectly legal for federal authorities to produce false news for the purpose of molding public opinion. It is legal and it is public policy. In this case the desired results are increased gun control and support for the gay lobby. Watch the video, then check the link below it.

State Propaganda Legalized

Besides that, why am I so ready to believe the Orlando shooting was a false-flag? It is because I’ve followed this thing long enough that  when asking whether some massacre or other was really from the wild or was a false-flag psyop, the default is that it was a false-flag psyop. This is truly the more likely of the two. Here a few examples:

Over 2200 Architects & Engineers Crush The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report

Boyston Street Bombing

Sandy Hook

UC Santa Barbara Hoax

Friday the 13th Massacre, Paris

Sikh Shooting not what it Appeared

Olympics Celebrates Aurora


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  1. kingdom777 says:

    The producers of the psyop didn’t think that one through. Don’t they have a producer for their crisis actors? Thanks for doing the job the media aren’t doing.

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