Ken Labine the anti-Debater

Labine vs. Tayshun – The Great (OneCoin) Debate

For several weeks Tim Tayshun has been letting it out that a debate between he and Ken Labine was scheduled for Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Didn’t happen. Here is Tayshun’s side of the story.

DOCUMENTED PROOF a OneCoin Debate was agreed upon for 6/29/2016

The following 5 screen captures make it EXTREMELY CLEAR that today’s date was agreed upon by both parties 2 weeks ago to the day! Ken asked me to notify him “24 hours before the debate,” which I agreed. This article was published on Monday morning, at least 48 hours before today’s SCHEDULED DEBATE, but he called me a liar.

Labine calls Tayshun a Liar

Ken Labine made a video calling me a liar, as well as doing so on several posts herein, stating that he “never agreed to debate me on Wednesday, June 29 (today)” HERE IS INDISPUTABLE PROOF THAT KEN IS THE ONE WHO LIED:

He ALSO called me a “coward” and a “no-show” for some hokey last minute Hang-Out he tried to put together yesterday, which started directly before I had to be at work.






NOTE: I could not find this conversation for the life of me, earlier, and almost thought that Ken had won the right to an unmoderated debate “by defalut” since I could not PROVE that we had totally discussed this and that he had agree to it (it was not under his name “Ken Labine, like the one I knew well, but under a different account “One Future Corp. WorldWide” that he had not yet blocked me from, I guess)

In fact, exactly 24 times he posted the following, after making that agreement: “no replies till you give me my 24hrs heads up”

Tayshun challenges Ken Labine (again)

So, who is lying Ken?

Also, I said that if you challenge and prove wrong a single claim that I made in the entire article here at than I will agree to a “one-on-one” and un-moderated debate.

I thought I lost, but it turns out (again) that you are the one who was lying.


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