Kangen Water a Scam?

Is Kangen water a scam?

According to “Ionized” and Alkaline Water – Snake Oil on Tap, by Stephen Lower a retired faculty member of the Chemistry Department of Simon Frazer University of Canada, it must be. Personally, I think the site could be a lot more useful. It is too loaded with disparaging connotation that the reader must step past to get real content from it. Then once drilled down to the content, the reader finds too much in the way of narrow-mindedness and over-stated claims. Also, I should point out that while Lower’s site is about ionized and/or alkaline water generally, and he only mentions Kangen water in passing (in order to briefly disparage it), my focus here will be on Kangen water more specifically, and ionized/alakaline or structured water as context.

First know that I am as biased as Lower is but on the other side of the fence. For over 25 years I have been a satisfied user of a structured water product called Biowater. I absolutely know from personal experience and from the experiences of some of my friends that BioWater facilitates human health. Either that, or there is a whole lot of that “placebo effect” (cited by Lower on his site) going on. Presently I am now a very satisfied user of a specific ionized/alkaline structured water: Kangen water. So here, if it be possible, we will debunk the debunker.

Hucksters flogging Wonky-Water Wellness

Now, let’s get past the connotative language. He says that the ionized/alkaline waters are “flogged” as “panaceas” by “wonky-water wellness industry … hucksters” whose claims are “totally lacking in scientific support.” Oh, I think I get it. Anyone speaking in favor of drinking ionized alkaline structured water is just a huckster after your money, and so any evidence in its favor is going to be unscientific and wrong. Okay, that’s useful. Knowing what is right and wrong in advance will help me as I review the evidence further on. In fact, now I can skip reading the rest of the site altogether and just know what’s what! He then continues that the purpose of his site is to,

provide you with the information you need to make your own informed decision before opening your wallets to the hucksters of these products and whose claims are totally lacking in scientific support.

What he means is, the purpose of his site is to provide you with – forget the information – the prejudice to reject out of hand the idea that drinking any form of specially treated water might be good for you. This is completely incendiary language designed to make you decide, before seeing any evidence, where that evidence will lead. Ionized, alkaline, and/or structured water is bad. Any evidence in favor of it is unscientific hucksterism and all legitimate evidence indicates that these waters are bad.

Water Ionizer Machines certifiably Pseudo-Science

With that established, Lower continues that mostly what the hucksters are selling are machines that treat water by electrolysis. He says, “Many of these ‘water ionizers’ appear to have their origins in Japan and Korea, two countries whose populations seem to be particularly susceptible to being taken in by pseudoscientific water-treatment schemes.” I don’t dispute the origin, and I guess Lower must speak Korean and Japanese, since most of the “pseudoscience” he speaks of is written in these languages. Else how could he know that it is pseudoscience? The Enagic machine that produces Kangen water is manufactured in Japan. Lower says claims that, “water are approved for use in Japanese hospitals” are misleading and only represent certification that the machines won’t electrocute you. I kid you not. I don’t know about other machines, but the Kangen water machine is certified as a medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (license 27B2X00070), and by TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd. (registration number 01 100 127226). Surely these agencies when certifying a medical device are concerned about more than whether it will electrocute you when turning it on? Perhaps it matters to these agencies whether the actual medical treatment, such as drinking the water produced, would harm you? Oh, I am forgetting, these are just poor superstitious, unteachable Japanese. In the case of the Kangen water machine, it is not just certified, but is in use in Japanese medical clinics and hospitals (as well as by a myriad of Japanese citizens in their homes). What gullible creatures, those Japanese! Let’s all just ignore that fact that their average IQ (105) is 8 points higher than Canadians (97) and they just might have civilization.

The Kangen Water Challenge

I can’t go through Lower’s entire site and continue to pick it apart. I am not a bio-chemist, nor a chemist, nor even a professor. So I don’t have the background to debate all of the ins and outs of exactly how Kangen water does whatever it does. So my challenge to you, Stephen Lower (or any reader), is to obtain a supply of fresh Kangen water from someone willing to help you out, get it from them daily, and try it for a month. Most any Enagic distributor in your area would do this for you without charge. Since you are retired, you are surely old enough to have various symptoms that could show improvement. Spend some time and write down a list. Spend enough time that the things that you have become used to and have forgotten about but are still not really right get on that list. Then give us all your testimony, like others have.

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