My New Life II

Success! If you saw my last post, you know I was hoping that drinking the Kangen water might make me sick. I’ve been drinking 3 quarts a day for about two days now, and it is!! It’s just a little nausea and mild headache … maybe some sinus drainage. Theory is, this means it is flushing toxins out of the recesses of my body. So hurrah! Kangen water is proving to be as powerful as hoped! These symptoms are mild and not bothersome to me or I would cut back for awhile.

And on a more serious note, I’m pretty sure drinking the water is sharpening my mental acuity. They say it hydrates the brain (Click here and scroll down to Kangen Water in the Brain).

Hm, and demonstrating its hydrating abilities, I can use less coffee grounds to make my coffee. It also makes a smoother taste! (-:

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