Vortex Water vs. Kangen Water

So which is better, the vortex water tumbler unit created by Carlton Nolte, or Kangen water produced by the Enagic water treatment machine?
The vortex tumbler does not actually filter water, but re-structures through a spinning and tumbling process. The technology actually looks really good in the sense that it truly does increase the structured water content of the water treated. Structured water is very biologically important, because this is the only water that your body can actually use. When you drink non-structured water, it has a little bit of structured water in it, and that is the portion of the water that your body actually absorbs into the blood and into the cells. This is called hydration. The higher proportion of structured water in the water you drink, the better.
The Knolte vortex technology and the Kangen technology both produce structured water. In fact the Kangen technology produces water that is over 90% structured. I don’t know what percentage the vortex produces. But I notice two things that the Nolte technology does not do, if I read it right: It doesn’t effect pH and it doesn’t effect anti-oxidant potential (ORP). Those are two things that the Kangen technology does very effectively.
The Kangen machine produces drinking water at your choice of 8.5, 9.0, or 9.5 pH (and the flagship machine also produces 2.5 pH water that kills every known bacteria, and 11.5 pH water that can be used for washing pesticides off fruits and vegetables and as soap generally).
The drinking water it produces has an anti-oxidant (ORP) reading of -500 and lower. This, they say, is 8-10 times the antioxidant effect of the best known antioxidant foods. Pretty amazing.
So as far as comparing the Nolte vortex to the Kangen technologies, the Kangen wins hands down.
But, hey, what is structured water? For those that have been waiting for me to define that, visit my Water! page and scroll down to the Kangen Water Science section.

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