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September 15, 2016
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(Here is Huffington Post attempting to badmouth Trump again.)

… “At one point during the nearly 10-minute interview (an interview with Trump from 2001),” Washington Post political reporter Jenna Johnson writes, “Trump mentioned that his building in the Financial District was now the tallest. … The Huffington Post likewise took the statement out of context to carry on the now-routine Trump-bashing campaign. …

Trump’s ‘boast’ took place at around the two-minute mark. Yet here is Trump’s key remark from that discussion (that HP ignored) that begin at 5:30, following the interviewer’s suggestion that explosives may have been the cause of the WTC Towers’ destruction:

I happen to think they had not only a plane but bombs that exploded almost simultaneously, because I can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall. Most buildings are built where the steel is on the inside around the elevator shaft. This one was built from the outside, which is the strongest structure you can have, and it [came down] almost just like a can of soup.  …

Likewise, as Russ Winter (whose post on the interview brought this to my attention) observes, …

Trump called the towers “very strong structures” and stated only powerful explosives could have taken them down. He dismissed cartoon physics and remarked that an aluminum plane could not have sliced through the steel girded exterior.


(So the Huff is reaching back to 2001 to dredge up an out of context brag by Trump, said at a time when he should have been focusing on the victims and the bereaved. Sure, I’ll give them that. But the Huff is ignoring the much more important thing that he also said, i.e., that the buildings were taken out by controlled demolition. Seems to me they would want to try to marginalize him by painting him as a “Truther.” Well maybe they just didn’t want to lose focus and will write about that separately. But maybe they don’t want to bring it up at all now that a major physics journal has concluded that All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed due to a Controlled Demolition. This is getting dangerous to talk about, Huff! Maybe best to just ignore that part of his comments.)


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