FBI’s Comey in the Clinton Pocket

FBI Director Comey Took Millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor

Is anyone surprised by this corruption? When FBI Director James Comey said that the organization would not be seeking to bring charges against Hillary Clinton over her illegal email server, anyone paying attention knew there was a deep level of corruption. Now, it’s been made clear. James Comey received millions of dollars from the corrupt Clinton Foundation …

Breaking News About Hillary’s Email Scandal Is A Game Changer

… Last week, Paul Combetta was one of two technicians granted immunity by the Justice Department in accordance with cooperating with the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email server scandal. …

Less than a week later, a Reddit researcher uncovered a Reddit thread from July of 2014 where Combetta requested technical advice on how to strip an email address from archives stored on a private server by someone who was “VIP (VERY VIP).” …

Since this conversation, Platte River Networks has invoiced Hillary Clinton for a variety of expenses, including traveling and parking expenses that had Combetta’s name on it.

Notably, there was a $3,000 charge for “federal interviews”, which obviously suggests it was for Combetta’s interrogation and subsequent immunity from the FBI. …


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