Hillary, CIA, and the Nimrod Legacy

To say that Hillary is the choice for president of the CIA is to expose just the very tiniest tip of the iceberg. For one thing, CIA has been in control of America politically, and has been engineering America culturally and socially since before Bush Senior (who had been CIA Chief) was president. But for another thing, and the thing we should really ask, is who does the CIA work for? Remember, Bush is also blue blood. The secret service agencies of the world make up a sort of world police that enforces the policies of the families of the world elite. These families, in turn, depend on and serve some very dark discarnate forces. Actually they serve “the God of Forces” referenced in biblical prophecy.

Unbelievable to many – but true. It’s all true.

Below I am grabbing some notes from a video that I know is too long otherwise. In fact I will have to do it in several sittings.

9:25 Springmeier: Hillary, a wiccan, is a grand dame near the top in the women’s branch of the Illuminati. She is promoted by the CIA.

Her VP candidate, Tim Kaine, is Jesuit trained. CIA and the Jesuits are tight.

15:45 The Catholic Church is a major pillar of the NWO.

17:15 The Catholic Church will declare “the aliens” to be of superior spiritual character and will guide the human race to accepting their presence and their “wisdom.” (See also Rockefellers, Jesuits guide UFO Disclosure Movement)

21:25 2Kings 17 (v.24) speaks of Cuthah (northeast of Babylon) the city dedicated to the worship of Nergal, which is Satan, and so Satan worship. Cuthah was built by Cush. When the Assyrians exiled the northern 10 tribes to their northern territories, they settled the priests of Cuthah and followers in the holy land. These people became known as Samaritans. They worshiped Mt. Hermon as a portal. When Jesus stood there and said the gates of hell will not prevail, he was in part making reference to this portal and all others like it.

24:05 According to various Rothschilds whom Springmeier helped to escape the Illuminati, the Rothschild dynasty believes itself to be descended from Cush and Nimrod. Springmeier traced the Cushites into Khazaria where they mixed with the Khazars. The Khazars were Asiatic and had little or no Jewish blood.

25:35 The Coresh tribe branched off from Cuthah. It produced Muhammad and King Hussein of Jordan.

26:30 At the end of WWII it was discovered that “all” the Catholic churches in Germany were built atop pagan temples. A church in Sardinia was built on the pillars of a pagan temple. The temple connected to underground caverns. This kind of thing is not the exception, it is the rule.

33:15 The Jesuits are keenly interested in the knowledge of the watchers. The illuminati families trace themselves through Nimrod to the watchers.

Trailer: The Unholy See “The Gods are returning to the earth to dwell among men and mingle their seed with the human race.”

38:05 …

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