Jessica Leeds Lied

Why Jessica Leeds’ story that Trump groped her is not believable


… As reported by the New York Times — the newspaper that has endorsed Hillary Clinton for POTUS and whose columnists ask Google to hide search results on Hillary Clinton’s failing health and urge journalists to abandon objectivity in reporting on Trump — Leeds claims that when she was 38 (Viral Liberty says, “she recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she flew on Brainiff International Airways 707s from Dallas, Texas to New York City in 1979. However, they didn’t have 707s back then… only 727s“), and sat next to Trump in the first class cabin.

(The article claimed that) 45 minutes after takeoff, Trump lifted up the  armrest, grabbed her breasts, and tried to put his hand up her skirt. Leeds said, “He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere. It was an assault.” She fled to the back of the plane. …


Here are the reasons why we should be skeptical about Jessica Leeds’ story:

(1) The armrests in 1980 commercial planes’ first class cabins do not “lift.” … (Oops!)

(2) Jessica Leeds has a pro-Hillary agenda: In the New York Times article, Leeds said she will vote for Hillary Clinton. Leeds is also connected to two big Hillary supporters, Julie Kleszczewski and Diane Daniels, via an organization called Altrusa International. … Jessica Leeds is presently the Director of Altrusa International District Two and Altrusa International of New York, NY.

(a) Julie Kleszczewski: Julie Kleszczewski‘s LinkedIn profile says she is Altrusa International’s UN NGO Representative since 2002. … Kleszczewski is mentioned in a Feb. 6, 2008 New York University journalism article, “Walk On By,” as “a [Hillary] Clinton volunteer attempting to distribute flyers to voters exiting the Union Square subway station“. (And she’s not just some random low-level supporter who helped out for a day.) On her Facebook page, Kleszczewski has a selfie of herself with Hillary Clinton, with this comment, “I met Candidate Hillary Clinton at AL and ALA National Convention in Cincinnati Ohio, Wednesday, August 31, 2016. How exciting to meet her again” …

(b) Diane Daniels: According to a screenshot posted to 4chan, Jessica Leeds, Julie Kleszczewski, and Diane Daniels were, respectively, the secretary and officers of Altrusa International’s New York Club in 2014-15. …

Diane Daniels had worked for a Hillary Clinton superPAC, Ready For Hillary, which was created in January 2013 to draft Hillary to run for President in 2016. Among the supporters of Ready For Hillary was George Soros (of course). …

(3) Eyewitness contradicts Leeds’ account: A male eyewitness, a 54-year-old British man named Anthony Gilberthorpe, said he was sitting across the first class aisle from Leeds and Trump on that flight in 1980, and saw nothing inappropriate. …

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This election is flushing out the establishment players and making the spin of the media painfully obvious. Do you suppose, though, that such spin is isolated to high profile election campaigns, or do you suppose that it has a more pervasive presence? To see why Trump is the current target of the spinmeisters and Hillary is the chosen One, read my post Hillary, CIA, and the Nimrod Legacy.


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