Hillary, CIA, and the Nimrod Legacy: Part II

If you haven’t, yet, see the post Hillary, CIA, and the Nimrod Legacy Part I. It has some very interesting information – more so I think than this part (except for the links).

Springmeier’s website is http://pentracks.com

The following are paraphrased notes, not quotes. Any links in the text have been added by me.

Springmeier: A particular geographic area has layers of spirits on it. The Catholic practice of building churches on these sites is an effort to harness these powers. (In defense of the Church, when Jesus stood on Mars hill and said, “The gate (portals) of hell will not prevail” against the Church, this did not make him an occultist. He knew that Mars hill was a portal. He was demonstrating that the power of God is unassailable and effective in capping off these portals.)

That effort to harness metaphysical powers has seen other expressions. Sir John Dee was a magician and counselor to the queen Elizabeth of England in the late middle ages and/or early renaissance. He conjured demons, by using Enochian magic, that looked like the small grey aliens of today.

The CERN collider employs Enochian magical letters that are used to conjure demons.

Alberino: Science and the occult are intertwined – especially at the quantum level.  Dee tutored Francis Bacon, father of modern science and a leading member, possibly head, of the Rosicrucians. Bacon himself channeled a muse he called Athena. Physics and metaphysics are inherently combined. They are not opposing or conflicting ideas; they are two sides of the same coin.

Springmeier: NASA uses occultic symbols.The CERN logo uses 666, the complex has a Shiva statue, and Shiva-related rituals have been performed by the CERN team. Some scientists are atheist materialist and some are into the occult/metaphysics side of science. CERN physicists don’t necessarily know about the metaphysical ramifications of their work. It cost the Europeans 4.4 billion to build the CERN LHC and facility, and it costs millions annually to run the program. The contributing countries are economic basket cases, so there must be an agenda beyond discovering the pentaquark.

Alberino: Science and mathematics are decoding the natural world. Whether the physicists know it or not, study of quantum physics involves the metaphysical. It is the managers who are channeling the funding to the program that are the mystery school initiate types. Alberino believes there are things on the other side of the veil separating the material world and the metaphysical that God has restrained there and for good reason.

Springmeier: In the biblical story of the tower of Babel God said there is nothing the humans that built could not do. He put a stop to it and broke them up. Nichola Tesla said our minds are like an antenna. We’re tapping into knowledge outside of us. A half a dozen people in history are know to have been stabbed in the head by a spike in some bizarre accident or other and became mathematical geniuses. Springmeier believes that God put a governor on our brains to prevent us from becoming evil geniuses because we wouldn’t be able to handle it.


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