Fiat Money

What is the cause of the economic ills in the world today? The root problem is the nature of our “money”: fiat money on a fractional reserve system, combined with lending at interest. This is a black box that every cycle of earning, saving, and spending must pass through; and it siphons off the value, cheating the population out the fruits of its labor.

When all “money” is debt (fiat money) lent at interest, it has to be paid back, which is alright since it has been declared to exist. But the interest that also must be paid back does not exist. So it’s musical chairs. As long as more money is created to pay back the previous liabilities, everybody dances. But, like drugs, larger and larger doses are required over time to get the same kick, until (like speed) the amped dosing is required to even feel close to normal, and until eventually the system fails.

A fractional reserve – where the banks only have to hold a fraction on hand of the money they have promised to hold for or pay to their customers – puts this whole scam on steroids. We are at the end of a debt cycle, where so much money is owed that it can’t be paid.

The governments (through their central banks) are postponing the inevitable implosion this insolvency will cause by injecting great gobs of fiat into the system. But this won’t last. We can be sure that the banksters have not been caught by surprise by any of this, and they have a plan. Unfortunately their plan entails the subjugation of the human race.

So is it doom, then? Well, yes, by most measures. And by any measure what’s coming won’t be pleasant. It will tear down all our personal kingdoms until we have to accept that the way of the world is death, and turn and put our trust in something else. Some one else, really. The sooner we turn our back on the perp that is selling us ice cream and charging our children for it, the better off we will be. When we cry out to God from the depth of our heart (usually this means in the depths of despair), asking if he is real, and whether there really is truth and compassion – that’s when miracles happen. I don’t mean miracles of health and wealth, but I mean the miracle of a meeting with Jesus Christ. I have to stop writing now. My words are beginning to completely fail.


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