I am against genocide, people. Genocide against any race – Black, White, Asian, Jewish. Genocide is a crime against humanity of the highest order.

With that in mind, let us listen to the words of this award winning gentleman, speaking I think as he receives the “Interfaith Committee of Remembrance Lifetime Achievement Award,” in NYC on August 25, 1998. In the link a transcript of about 5 minutes of this speech is being read by somebody else. Let’s listen in: White Genocide, Fact or Fiction? Unbelievable, eh? If you are not familiar with all this, it is entirely unbielivable. But it is true.

The speech was by Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League. This is a very powerful, influential man.

Below is the whole video. It covers much more than that five minute speech:

Do you have to be a white supremacist to not want to be annihilated? The social engineers would have us think so. Below are more links for your consideration.

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Socially Engineered Rap

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