Sharia Golden Silk Road is Born!

On December 6, 2016 a Sharia compliant “gold standard” will be announced making “gold bullion products and platforms that offer physical delivery” available to 1.6 billion Muslims and financial instruments available to investors of the world, backed by gold-backed wealth of the Muslim world.

According to GoldCore, in their Islamic Gold – Game Changer In Gold Market (Nov. 17, 2016),

Islamic Finance, the financial services industry that operates under Shariah Law, is rapidly growing in size and therefore importance. At present the Islamic Finance market is a small part of the global financial market, at just $2 trillion. But this is expected to grow. Standard and Poor’s believe it could reach US$5 trillion by 2020 as reported by Truewealth Publishing, Business Insider and MSN. …

In effect that is a doubling of “the money supply” of the Muslim world in a span of just 4 years. My hunch is that this should kick-start an avalanche of investment and economic growth in the Middle East as investors figure out ways to leverage it. According to the article the unveiling of a Sharia gold investments standard will be the trigger.

This new ‘gold standard’ is the Sharia gold standard developed as part of a three-party collaboration between AAOIFI, the World Gold Council (WGC) and Amanie Advisors. … The new standard is expected to act as an internationally recognised consensus on regular gold savings plans (gold accumulation plans), allocated and segregated gold bullion storage, gold certificates, physically-backed gold ETFs, certain gold futures and gold mining equities. … (Islamic Gold – Game Changer In Gold Market)

This is more than just gold. It is gold-backed financial instruments. It amounts to gold-backed money, and it just begs to be used as a reserve currency.

This is an entire financial market that will (be) coming into the physical gold market. … We will see an increase in the number of structured, well-marketed and regulated financial products that have been designed to offer physical gold to sophisticated investors including high net worth (HNW), ultra high net worth (UHNW) and indeed family offices. …

The changes will affect the physical gold market globally, 1.6 billion people will be able for the first time to use gold bullion products and platforms that offer physical delivery, allocated and segregated gold ownership. (Islamic Gold – Game Changer In Gold Market)

Silk Road – Wikimedia

To us, this could not have come at a more pertinent time. The West is coming under increasing economic and political pressure as the ‘Silk Road’ nations of the Middle East and Far East, including Russia and China, continue their rise and become more powerful. It is without surprise that the Silk Road nations continue to assert their independence from western dominance and monopoly – including in financial markets. And it is with even less surprise that they are doing this through gold. (Islamic Gold – Game Changer In Gold Market)

Essentially what I am seeing here is China, Russia, and the Muslim world creating for themselves a gold-backed money that will significantly displace the position of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The event should precipitate a collapse in the fiat currencies and it catapult the Middle and Far eastern nations into a stunningly sudden rise in prosperity.

And now to go off the rails. Perhaps a new golden dinar will be the catalyst for an astonishing rise of Iraq from the ashes of its recent post-war desolation. If that is so, will the kings and merchants of the world make themselves rich investing in the rebirth of a modern Babylon? And so would this Sharia golden silk road, born and celebrated in December, then be the cradle of the false messiah? Those are the hues of Christmas future cast over these events by the prophetic vision of the biblical end of days.

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