Mnuchin, Predatory Insider

It is one thing to say that Trump must necessarily select wealthy people for his cabinet, since anyone  with the talent, skillsets, and credentials worthy of the job will also be wealthy. It is another thing, however, when he selects wealthy, talented, experienced candidates who are also obvious sociopathic scumbags. Mnuchin for Secretary Treasury is one such pick. A really good idea for the predatory world establishment – a really bad idea for the rest of the human race. This is not what Trump promised to do. We are betrayed. Excerpts from two articles follow, and I am adding a few links of my own about 9/11 in them.


Anti-9/11-truth propaganda film “Sully” was produced by Steven Mnuchin

By Kevin Barrett on December 8, 2016

I just saw Sully, a feel-good 9/11/2016 release about a bird-strike-crippled passenger jet plunging into New York City but not crashing into any buildings …based on a true story… .

And for what it’s worth, the Executive Producer of Sully happens to be Steven Mnuchin, the Jewish Zionist billionaire ex-Goldman Sachs executive recently tapped by Donald Trump as Treasury Secretary.

To understand how Sully functions as a sophisticated anti-9/11-truth propaganda film, we need to remember the massive trauma inflicted by the 2001 false flag attack on America. In her book Paranoia Switch, psychologist Martha Stout cites evidence showing that nearly half of the American people suffered from clinical PTSD due to images they saw on television that day. …

Sully  re-enacts the 9/11 tragedy but appends a happy ending … . In Sully‘s dream-disguised re-enactment of 9/11, we watch endless loops of passenger plane plunges into New York, yet nobody dies. Talk about wish fulfillment fantasies! The authorities, especially the Tom Hanks pilot character who symbolizes the parental Authority Figure archetype in the film, are competent, benevolent, even downright heroic in their devoted efforts to protect ordinary Americans. (Quite unlike the real circa-2001 President, Vice President, Joint Chiefs, Intelligence Chiefs, and Oligarchs who deliberately connived in the murder of almost 3,000 of the ordinary men and women they had sworn to protect, as well as the shredding and torching of the Constitution they had sworn to defend.) …

We are all supposed to leave the theater feeling good about our biggest city, our leaders, and our country. Our nightmares about planes crashing into buildings – horrific images of airliners slamming into skyscrapers and erupting into fireballs, depicted in the film as the pilot Sully’s nightmares of what might have happened to Flight 1549 – are now over. The plane has landed safely. It’s a miracle. Now we can all go home safe and happy, our trust in our devoted fearless leaders renewed and strengthened.

But Sully goes even further. It’s moral is: “Do NOT second guess our fearless leaders. …

To hammer home this lesson, the filmmakers invented a … movie version, unlike in real life, (where) the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) brutally persecutes the pilot Sully … . Yet the alleged persecution, all sources agree, never happened. The whole film is structured around this preposterous distortion of reality. Why? …

So why is the NTSB slandered in Sully? Because they are portrayed as geeky skeptics – computer re-enactors, sticklers for the laws of physics, party-poopers willing to puncture the feel-good “public myth” with the sharpened dagger of truth. In other words, they are the 9/11 truthers…the people who know that 110 story skyscrapers, and even 47-story ones, cannot disappear through the path of most resistance at free-fall acceleration due to kerosene-kindled office fires.

In essence, the film tells us: “Here is a wonderful story about a heroic pilot, Sully, an authority figure to whom his passengers justifiably entrusted their confidence and their lives, and who repaid that confidence in spades by his heroic emergency landing in the Hudson River…a touching, moving story that banished the trauma of 9/11 from our national psyche. Yet a bunch of geeky skeptics refused to believe this story! Relying on scientific data, they said it couldn’t have happened that way! They want us to feel really, really BAD about ourselves and our wonderful (neocon-Republican) leadership, as embodied by Sully and his trusty co-pilot. Boo, skeptics! Watch as Sully gives them their come-uppance!”

It’s no surprise to find director Clint Eastwood dispensing this kind of neocon-Republican propaganda. But who’s paying him? Presumably that would be the Executive Producer, Steven Mnuchin, our new Treasury Secretary.

And who is Mnuchin? Well, he used to work for George Soros. And that’s his good side.

The Truthseeker website points out:

Trump’s campaign team has been staffed to the brim with hawkish Zionists, chief among them his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a close advisor during the campaign and architect of Trump’s fierce allegiance to the child-murdering Likud maniacs in Israel (referring to this?). But there are many others, listed prominently in an article on The Times of Israel website titled Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle: A look at the president-elect’s advisers and their possible roles in his incoming administration. The article names Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman, daughter and son-in-law duo Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Boris Epshteyn, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Lewis Eisenberg (former head of NY Port Authority), and Michael Glassner – all dedicated Israel-first Zionists, the last two actually having helped secure the privatization and sale of the World Trade Centre to Larry Silverstein in 2001.

Israel’s best newspaper Haaretz reports:

Donald Trump taps Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary

Police looking into ties between Australian billionaire James Packer (Mnuchin business partner) and Netanyahu’s family

… Donald Trump’s choice for Treasury secretary, billionaire Steven Mnuchin, has at some point been part of nearly every elitist institution that Trump’s voters railed against in the 2016 election campaign. This first Jewish member of the president-elect’s cabinet is also the business partner of a close friend and confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Australian billionaire James Packer… . In 2013, Mnuchin merged his company Dune Entertainment with RatPac Entertainment (the producer of Sully) co-owned by Packer…(.Menuhin) belonged to the secret society Skull and Bones, whose members include former presidents as well as current Secretary of State John Kerry…After leaving Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin worked at hedge funds including that of George Soros…

Trump’s Mnuchin appointment  is just one more sign that The Don’s Administration will be dominated by the ultra-Zionist 9/11 suspects clustered around Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. So if you think it’s just a coincidence that “moneybags Mnuchin”* is paying Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks to dispense anti-truth-movement propaganda in a Hollywood blockbuster, you’re probably just a crazy coincidence theorist.

*Related to famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin (same name, different spelling) and his World War II revisionist son Gerard, whom I interviewed on Truth Jihad Radio. Small world!



Trump’s Bait and Switch How to Swamp Washington and Double-cross Your Supporters Big Time
By Nomi Prins

…  It’s been a month since the election and here’s what’s clear: crony capitalism, the kind that festers and grows when offered public support in its search for private profits, is the order of the day among Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. …

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (net worth between $46 million and $1 billion)

Hedge fund mogul and Hollywood producer Steven Mnuchin is the third installment on Goldman Sachs’s claim to own the position of Treasury secretary. …  Bill Clinton appointed the company’s former co-chairman Robert Rubin to Treasury … . George W. Bush appointed former Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Hank Paulson as his final Treasury secretary, just in time for the “too big to fail” economic meltdown of 2007-2008.

Now, Trump, who swore he’d drain “the swamp” in Washington, is carrying on the tradition. … Mnuchin, who spent 17 years with Goldman Sachs, eventually made an even bigger fortune by being on the predatory receiving end of federal support while scarfing up a failed bank. …

In early January 2009, the FDIC agreed to sell failed lender IndyMac to IMB HoldCo LLC, a company owned by a pack of private equity investors led by former Goldman Sachs partner Mnuchin of Dune Capital Management LP for about $13.9 billion. (They only had to put up $1.3 billion in cash for it, however.)

When the deal closed on March 19, 2009, IMB formed a new federally chartered savings bank, OneWest Bank (also run by Mnuchin), to complete the purchase. The FDIC took a $10.7 billion loss in the process. OneWest then set about foreclosing on IndyMac’s properties, the cost of which was fronted by the FDIC, as was most of the loss that was incurred from hemorrhaging mortgages. In other words, the government backed Mnuchin’s private deal big time and so helped give him his nickname, the “foreclosure king,” as he became an even wealthier man.

By October 2011, protesters were marching outside Mnuchin’s Los Angeles mansion with “Stop taking our homes” signs. (Presumably due to predatory and often illegal practices associated with its foreclosure business,) OneWest soon became mired in lawsuits and on multiple occasions settled for millions of dollars. Nonetheless, Mnuchin sold the bank for a cool $3.4 billion in August 2015. …


Nomi Prins, a TomDispatch regular, is the author of six books. Her most recent is All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power (Nation Books). She is a former Wall Street executive. Special thanks go to researcher Craig Wilson for his superb work on this piece.

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