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Half-Past Human speaks, and what a report it is! Since the 1990s I have expected that the hoax of pre-historic extraterrestrial contact would be perpetrated on the human race. I view it as the deception of the soon-coming antichrist, and it is a big part of why the iCliks blog exists. Clif High’s Half-Past Human predictive language web crawler is now predicting that a discovery has been made and will soon be disclosed that will forever change humanity’s perception of its origins. The interview takes place December 31, 2016, I think. Here are my notes …

Normal Events Predicted for 2017

Israel will have some kind of financial turmoil in February. In the U.S. emotions regarding financial matters is high at the turn of the year, peaks around the end of February associated with positive language, and then drops for the rest of the year and associated with negative language. What Clif means by dropping is a release of emotions.

The politics emotion chart starts very high (Trump euphoria and angst, as we know), but drops throughout the year. The DOW will go over 20,000 and then pull back. The dollar is more important. It’s purchasing power will begin to fall in March or so. That may involve equities, but who will care? Equities are very manipulated. We are in a depression, unless you’re sucking at the tit of the Federal Reserve. The turn begins at the end of February and carries through March/April. There will probably be people that will define it as a crash.

In late spring or summer the Federal Reserve will then begin to chase interest rates up – to the neighborhood of 9% or higher(!). By summer the Federal Reserve will be offering a solution. But the exceptionally high interest rates will not be what matters to people because (my interpretation of minutes 15-17) the issue will be insolvency. “Who cares about interest rates if nobody is buying?” Regional banks in U.S., (Australia, and Canada, too maybe … because the currencies are all “dollars”) will have crashed hard in dollar terms due to the regional banks freezing credit or shutting the spigot off. Buyers won’t be able to finance. The words involved are “currency” freeze and a “cash” shortage. Real estate will be dumped to get cash. California and a few other places will experience this cash crisis. There will be large discounts for transacting in cash. The high end crashes first, then collapses on the middle tier, which then cascades into the lower tier.

The data shows no coordinated worldwide financial reset with associated bank closures, but shows that regionally and locally this will happen. It is spread out over “a lot of months”. There will be upward pressure on gold, silver, and bitcoin as the cash crunch evolves (23:00). There will be so many flash crashes they will come to be called flashies as least during the first quarter of 2017. The “crash” and “crashies” will not be in equities or the other more heavily watched and manipulated measures of wealth (like silver and gold). Look for it in the FX markets and less regulated things. He defines a crashie as something like, for example, a sudden spike in bitcoin in terms of Yuan. Clif’s predictions on bitcoin have been much more accurate than on silver and gold, because it is less manipulated. There will be a “period of upsettedness” in the world markets from Jan 3 to Jan 12 (25:00). The Chinese RMB (Yuan) will take center stage. One indicator of this would be a rush into bitcoin in China for fear over their national currency.

Sidebar: I do remember talk in “mid-January” about a bitcoin flash spike based on the Chinese population fearing for the value of their national currency, but in actual price terms, BTC/CNY spiked January 4th after a month long run-up, and crashed hard to bottom on January 11. Here is a chart. So there was “upsettedness” indicated during 1/8-1/12, but it was indicated by a crackdown by the Chinese authorities that led to a “flash-crash” of bitcoin itself.

On Jan 12, 2017, John Richter reports in his Bitcoin Collapses, Chinese Latecomers get Fleeced, “The People’s Bank of China announced on Wednesday that it is probing the major bitcoin exchanges in Beijing and Shanghai … . Ironically, China’s many other crackdowns on capital flight have pushed the hapless Chinese, who want their capital to flee, into bitcoin. It was seen as a way of converting their yuan into something other than yuan, which they fear will depreciate relentlessly. … And just in time, bitcoin crashed again. As of Wednesday evening, as I’m writing this, it plunged 14.5% to $772, just in one day. In the five days since its peak of $1,140 on January 6, it has crashed 32% against the dollar. What a crazy spike!”

Here is Clif High speaking on January 12:

This year China will capitulate and extend digital currency to their populace and extend fiber optics to their trading circle (an area extending out from their Silk Road from Beijing to Berlin). This will affect over a billion people, who now mostly trade in goats or whatever, and who in less than a year’s time will use cryptocurrency wallets as China spreads the bitcoin ethos through the region. It will be staggering. This could be under way this summer.

Trump euporia may be reflected in equities, but in equities only; and that’s the problem. Clif looks to bitcoin as the only unmanipulated barometer of what is going on in the world economy. And he says Bitcoin will skyrocket as the world loses trust in the fiat currencies.

The dollar crash is a big longterm trend and coming event. Clif predicts 20,000 DOW and “$600” silver. Silver is more available to the people and gold may be confiscated anyway.  Silver starts to rise January 1 and this is coincident with the rise of bitcoin. The sudden spike is associated with DOW 20,000. Now that the data is closer to the event, it looks like silver will reach $25/ounce spot, $125/ ounce physically delivered inside the U.S., but $345/ ounce abroad, physically delivered. This lasts just a few months, through August and then it goes no offer as we enter a linguistically chaotic period into the fall. Gold at some point will equal the DOW sometime after the fall equinox.

Nations aren’t predicted to be going to war. A war between clashing elites is described.  A weak U.S. economy will cause shutting of bases around the world.

Context Change – The Weird Stuff

A disclosure out of Antarctica will change our context forever. Clif is calling it “the discovery” due to the history changing effect it will have. (!!)  After(?) 2017 Bill Holter truth bombs will be coming out, including “disclosure” about “extraterrestrials”. There are cities under the ice, there are huge caverns and warm rivers and warm caverns. There are ancient civilizations there; and from 2017 onward the info leaks out. We will see new (previously suppressed) inventions, climate instability, new lands rising, rain bombs, sudden freezing of herds, disclosure of giant pyramids in Antarctica 4x to 20x the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza, demonstrating a history going back 12,000 or 24,000 years. We will enter a world in which expectations even of physics or climate become unreliable. The new paradigm will look back on the last 7,000 years, radically redefining human history and who/what we think we are. Why have the world dignitaries been going there – Kerry, Obama, the Pope? Teams re digging up something in Antarctica that is “solar system involving” it will take 10 years to build bases of operation to get the value out of this. It will provide a source of wealth for humanity for hundreds of years: not oil or gold or some resource, but technology.

The full report is available at HalfpastHuman.com it is $15.


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