Pontificating on Trump

If Pope Francis, as I have thought since he was elected, will be the false prophet that rises with and (with miracles) points the world to the Antichrist, then the following statements by him morph from the realm of politically correct propaganda to take on a predictive hew. So perhaps – while what he is saying may now seem, well, pretty ridiculous to a lot of people – Trump really will transform into some sort of tyrant. Perhaps his newfound power and popularity will go to his head?
Pope Francis warned against populist leaders, saying that Germany came to elect one in 1933, and ended up with Adolf Hitler as its dictator.

“Crises provoke fear, alarm. In my opinion, the most common example of European populism is Germany in 1933… A people that was immersed in a crisis, that looked for its identity until this charismatic leader came and promised to give their identity back, and he gave them a distorted identity, and we all know what happened,” he said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“Hitler did not steal power,” the Pope said. “He was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people.” (Pope warns against Hitler-like leaders coming to power on a wave of populism, Jan 22, 2017)

Of course, he did immediately cover his tracks. So I suppose he keeps his credibility no matter what happens. Too bad.

The Pope said he would not jump to conclusions on Trump, and will observe his actions before passing judgment.

He is skillfully keeping the embers anti-Trump, anti-populist sentiment alive while preserving the cool detached popiness we have all come to expect from Popes. In my opinion this Pope is a Jesuit, a Mason or an ally of the Masons, a Communist (which is just as totalitarian as the fascists you claim to be so concerned about, Mr. Pope – but you knew that.), and the enemy of Christ and humanity. He is not a Christian. Hm, I left out Luciferian. I also think he and a bunch of his cardinals are Luciferian.

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