Ron Paul on Trump

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4 Responses to Ron Paul on Trump

  1. truthteller says:

    Why don’t you tell the people how Trump just stopped the 221 million Obama ordered sent to help Palestine rebuild from Israel’s bombing of their hospitals and schools.
    Trump is not for America first.
    He is for Israel first and he really works for the Rothschilds just like Alex Jones does.
    Wake up people you’ve been had again!
    JFK was goi g to abolish the Federal Reserve in 1963 and was already circulating lawful constitutional money (United States Treasury Notes) bearing no interest. I have some of them. He was also going to shut down the Rothschild’s secret army, the CIA, and he refused to give money or nukes to Israel.
    That’s why Israel, Mossad, Bush and his CIA killed The Kennedy’s.
    That’s why Trump is targetting Iran and North Korea. Because Iran and North Korea dont have Rothschild owned central banks like the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.
    Wake up people you have been scanned by a professional con man who worked his whole life with organized crime. The only candidates who weren’t working for the Rothschilds were probably Ben Carson and Libertarian Gary Johnson but they weren’t even allowed to run..
    Your election was rigged alright.
    Not by Russia but by Mossad and Rothschild!
    “By way of deception we wage war”
    Mossad’s motto.
    And America and the world lost the war long ago. They are killing us all..
    The Chemtrails full of Barium, Strontium and Aluminum are only being sprayed on the NATO countries.
    The Pentagon’s missing 1.4 Trillion at work drone spaying you and your family to an early grave. Plus, of coursr, poisoned city water.
    Wake up or die..

    • icliks says:

      Thanks, truthteller! I agree with much of what you say, and am glad you said it here. I wonder if Iran and North Korea are the only two remaining countries of any significance that don’t have Rothschild banks. I know Libya had no central bank under Qaddafi, but got a Rothschild bank after he was taken out, and the war against Bosnia led to economic serfdom of similar nature. The power is being pushed up to the IMF now … one bank to rule them all!

  2. hanggovernmentcriminals says:

    And don’t forget that Trump just stopped the 221 million dollar payment Obama and Kerry authorized to be sent to Palestine to help them to rebuild their schools and hospitals and sewer and water infrastructure, Mr. Trump, in his luxury tower, just stopped the payment so that more Palestinian children will die. This man is a monster. He is not for the people. Judge him by his deeds. This act was pure evil.. This man is a monster who works for Baron Rothschild, aka, Lucifer.
    Wake up all you people who call yourselves “Christians” or “Caring People”
    soon you too will all be like the Palestinians and starving and dying in your own homes..
    That’s what Rothschild has planned for you too..
    Do not ask for whom the bell tolls..
    It tolls for thee!

    • icliks says:

      Trump is certainly a risk for his associations with Zionists and his indebtedness to the banksters (which is largely the same group), and the fact that most of his stated goals are potentially antagonistic to their power and agenda; and even if he is sincere they may by subterfuge or other means nullify the best parts of his efforts.

      I don’t know anything about the money that was and apparently is not now going to Palestine, but I remember generally that the Israelis have treated the Palestinians unfairly. It is to be expected, because they can and if they can they will because their leadership is Talmudist. That’s the doctrine. Godless masonic, zionist, talmudists will behave badly. They need redemption. They need to repudiate the Talmud and take Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God as their Lord and Savior. But I don’t think that will happen until the mid-point of the reign of the antichrist, when the two witnesses are raised from the dead and an earthquake destroys 1/10th of the cithy of Jerusalem (Rev. 11).

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