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CERN, Paperclip Nazis, and the Cosmology Cartel …

Oxford scholar and author, Joseph P. Farrell, is worth listening to. Here are some notes:

Walter Hallstein


Walter Hallstein was central to the German and European deep-state. He was like the Henry Kissinger of Europe, being in high level sort of bureaucratic positions in several agencies in Europe, working after world war II in Germany’s Foreign Office (1950-1958), later president of the European Commission (1958-1957), and then president of the lobbying organization calling itself European Movement International (1968-1974).  He is considered a “founding father” of the European Union. He was one of the principle architects of the CERN consortium. Hallstein’s pictures even remind me of Kissinger (and his gang of world elite types), who all look like they are related.AR6589-A. President Kennedy with Dr. Walter Hallstein, President of ...

CERN has a form of international sovereignty. It is not just a massively expensive (at 6 billion dollars) physics experiment. The worldwide web was created for CERN and it is still the single biggest user of internet bandwidth.

It is successor to the experimental technology in the mysterious Nazi Bell. CERN is so powerful that it has a planetary effect (remember the migration of the poles reported by the Inuits?) Farrell thinks of it as a huge torsion machine.

That’s the first 21 minutes.

And a few thoughts from my prior blogging: CERN is among other things intended to harness the primal force of the universe. But more importantly, the way it is joined to the internet, it is in a perfect position to transmit signals from this harvest to the world. Unfortunately, the energies collected appear to be very negative.


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