There’s a new Kid on the Blockchain

Don’t laugh, the kid has an app!

Once there was bitcoin (well there still is bitcoin), the firstborn and continuing favorite of many. Then there was onecoin, a rather shady character making possibly true claims to being the next bitcoin but while being “for members only,” albeit something like three million members. Then there were hundreds more, more or less hopeless “wannabe millionaire/billionaire” e-coins, most of whom will flame out and crater into anonymous graves.

Meanwhile there have been some intriguing developments like ethereum (I’m told it’s by Microsoft in case you want them in your wallet) which seems designed kind of more like a stock than a coin. It’s a beautiful thing from a sort of artistic point of view. And of course, the banks seeing all this have been quietly going about adopting their own e-currency tools – an idea which defeats one of the major reasons e-currencies were conceived in the first place: to be free of the banks! The banks are becoming increasingly unstable, constricting, and confiscatory if you haven’t noticed.

And now there’s a new kid on the block.


I stopped laughing and took a step back when I saw that the kid has an app, and it looks like a really good one. The kid also has a vision and a plan to get out of the nerd niche neighborhood where all e-currencies currently reside and get adopted by main street where the real currents of e-commerce will soon flow. The kid also already has very enthusiastic fans and promoters, and there will be more – probably lots more. I am talking about the iPRO currency and its gateway app and network. I saw it, and when I stopped laughing began to roll up my sleeves …

Fill out the form below for more information or to get your own free membership to use the app and get cash-back e-currency rewards (they’re just like credit card reward points, but better … and you can use your credit card and get both rewards!) when you shop online. You can also upgrade your membership and make money with this.

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