High Tide and the Ides of March

The High Tide part of my title refers to the present stock market euphoria , which according to many signals too numerous to mention here, and the Half-Past Human data, is about to disintegrate. We last heard from Clif High in late December. He’s back!

Notes on the above interview with Clif High about his current report, titled, “Watch this Space”:

The power elite wants to neutralize the Trump administration; and the Deep State is subordinate to that. But the jig is up for the Deep State and its political correctness. Humanity has evolved around them and just their understanding it will cause it to implode.

The struggle, though, is bringing us into a period of chaos. Trump is arresting the child sex traffickers and the elite is freaking out about it. Pedophilia sex trafficking is the lynch pin to their power, and this kind of exposure could destroy their power structure, which depends largely on blackmail. They had intended to win with Clinton, and then to expose their pedophilia but in such a way that it would become an accepted thing for the elite to do it. But exposure now, and as Trump is doing it, is deathly dangerous to them. High says this is going to blow sky high in 2017.

In a year businesses will be on the block for subliminal messaging that affected victims, and new policies and review boards will be put in place to prevent such things.

The dying political elite are in chaos. They are spreading the narrative that the anti-Trump movement has massive popular support, but the support has waned and is not there. One third of the media broadcast faces will be arrested or flee the country. They have skin in the pedophile game and they will get burnt.

The banks and derivatives empire will be blowing up during 2017, but regionally as a sort of rolling derivatives disease. This will squeeze companies, leading to selling of assets. Be sure you are using a strong bank, although no bank is really immune. Maybe savings and loans and credit unions would be better. This will exhaust the FDIC funds, but it is not a single national event. There will be various events, and repercussions will drag out over the next couple of years.

We are scheduled to hit the debt ceiling on March 15th. Financial chaos, largely in the stock market, starts in mid-march and runs aggressively through mid-May. A “Trump rally” will continue for several years but without the stock market and somewhat independently of legacy systems and traditional fiat institutions. This will be real change. Trump has become a symbol of this new attitude and will surf it.

Cryptocurrencies will do well. We recently passed a milestone with bitcoin surpassing gold in U.S. dollar terms. Silver has been stomped because the powers that be (TPTB) fear it breaking out above $18.50 or so. By the time the economic chaos abates in June political and cultural support for the old power structures will probably be lower than they are today.

Silver will skyrocket starting this year, faster and farther than gold or bitcoin. It will become increasingly needed for new (especially energy) technology out to 2022. This year the TPTB will be suppressing it, but in October they won’t be able to contain it due to the new technologies coming online. It will become very scarce by around 2020. $600/oz and more, probably a lot more. Gold should reach $4,800/oz and silver should reach it. Bitcoin will reach $13,000 by Feb 2018, and then the price will explode in 2019 (haha, that’s what he said). The elite economic dirty tricks will backfire on them. The population has evolved past them. Shoveling debt onto the population will not work. Younger people will form collectives to get and provide information.

Layers of connection will be unearthed between mars and antarctica. Pyramidal culture on Mars will be related to that on earth. We sit atop the remnant of a pre-flood legacy pramid culture here. It will be discovered on other planets, including Mars. Archeology and anthropology coming out of antartica will give us insight into the past of Mars.

The Watch this Space report has much more, and a satisfaction or your money back guarantee, so check it out.


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