Kybele, Cavemen, and the Conch

The ancients depicted the spiral in the possession of VIPs

The locations of these petroglyphs is random. I think one is from Australia and the others from America. They are the first ones of this type that I found. The spirals are depicted here not up in the sky, nor are they “in the wild.” They are held by power figures that presumably control and use them. The first pictures indicate that these dudes have four fingers (well, three fingers and a thumb, probably).

I notice several symbols, being associated with these personages: Three-fingered hand (four including thumb), Five-fingered hand (six including thumb), Hand-held spiral, Hand-held tree or (very large) mushroom or pyramid with energy flowing out the bottom, Horns or antennea, or rabbit ears, and etc. For more pics, check out True Gems – Indian Rock Art.

Cybele riding lion | Athenian red-figure vase fragment | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

One symbol that stands out is the three-branched
clade worn on the tunic of the figure at the left above standing with its apparently tamed beast. It appears to be a sort of “family crest.” Look at this very similar theme in the depiction of the Phrygian goddess Kybele. Not only does she wear the three-branched clade, but she is riding a tamed beast.

It is mentioned in the Spiral Dynamics: The Conch & the Earth’s Rotation page mentioned above that the Hindu god, Vishnu, is “commonly depicted with a spiraling conch in one of his hands.

Can anyone fill me in on this?

Excerpted from Norway Spiral Resolved

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