Online Shopping

Made better!

With cryptocurrencies having proven their usefulness and efficiency, but with nowhere to go and no where to spend them, we have discovered a solution that offers the cryptocurrency community a platform to introduce cryptocurrency as a medium for purchase thousands of products online.

And with billions more people who have hardly even heard of cryptocurrency, we have discovered a platform that introduces both the merchant and the consumer to cryptocurrency through an online shopping cash-back rewards program, which should be available by late May, 2017.

There is a new free app that lets you shop at many of the popular online merchants, using your usual method (credit card … debit card … paypal …) and when you place an order you also receive a cash-back reward.

Who doesn’t like cash back?

For those also looking for a profit opportunity, you can sign up to refer this free app to others and receive royalties on their purchases as well. So let me refer you now. Check it out at my Two Ideas iPro Network website.



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