Wiretapped Much?

Mark Levin on Trump wiretapping claims:
‘We’re talking about police state tactics’

Published March 07, 2017

Radio host Mark Levin stood by President Trump’s claim Monday that President Obama tapped his phones during last year’s campaign, alleging that the now-former chief executive engaged in “police state tactics.” …

Levin on talks Wiretaps on FoxNews with Hannity

Levin cited … a multi-agency investigation into links between Russian officials and Trump campaign personnel. … “We know that if a FISA warrant [against Trump’s campaign] was secured, it’s very likely … the president would be given a heads-up,” Levin told Fox News’ “Hannity.” “I assume Obama knew something. I mean, unless he’s Helen Keller.” …

“Why all the investigations?” Levin asked. “Was there evidence – a scintilla of evidence at all – that Trump, his campaign advisers, and his transition team were on the take?”

“None,” Hannity responded.

“OK, then,” Levin answered, “why are six federal departments and agencies involved in an investigation and now Clapper says he doesn’t know anything?” …

“We have a real problem right now,” Levin said. … “We have a runaway executive branch. I don’t know who knows what, and as of today, the media don’t appear to know who knows what, which is exactly why I’ve been calling for a congressional investigation. …


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