Alex on the Other Hand

What Alex Jones won’t tell you:

I have the highest regard for Bill Cooper and so this tends to confirm my suspicions about Jones. It is not that Jones never tells the truth. It is just, I suppose, that he is paid opposition and at some point in the road (when it really matters) he will misdirect you.

And speaking of misdirection, was it intentional misdirection when Jones announced apparently false things about the Comet Ping Pong pizzaria, which he has now, under threat of lawsuit, had to apologize for? How many people, wishing to stop the actual conspirators, fell for and discredited themselves and the movement by repeating his allegations? Intentional? Possibly.

It forces me to have to say that Jones’ errors do not mean that the movement to crush the pedophile power is based on myth, as the media clearly wants us to believe. There definitely is a pedophile power – and it rests at the very pinnacle of world control. Anyone even scratching the surface of the data that is out there knows this. The exalted position these people hold only serves to demonstrate, as I think the bible says, “the way of the world is death.”

But what about Alex Jones? He seems so sincere! He really does. Is he a superlative actor, and truly gets “into” his role? Perhaps he is multiple personality. The rabbit hole gets deeper if you follow the theory that Alex Jones is in reality Bill Hicks – Bill Hicks, his death having been faked, and his life resurfaced re-manufactured as Alex Jones.

Re-manufactured? It could be done. The story of Bill Hicks is that he was an outrageous in-your-face comedian, whose content involved the foibles of society and ongoing scams of people in positions of authority. So his humor was dark and anti-establishment, and as he fell into alcohol and drug abuse he became increasingly belligerent toward his audiences. In the end, he died; and soon Alex Jones came on the scene. Jones had the same dark, anti-establishment content and belligerent demeanor, but now without the humor. He was also considerably cleaned up and branded for the American Christian and populist so-called extreme right.

For those of you that have the time, check the “Censoring of Bill Hicks” video. Bear in mind that if this is Alex Jones, the theory is that he has had facial reconstructive surgery. He does look similar when he is not wearing a beard, but watch for behavior and mannerisms. The more I watched, the more I said … This is Alex Jones!

Oops. The video I posted here has been taken down. Try this.

If you have watched the above video, now go back and watch the Bill Cooper video at the top again, and it makes more sense.

Interestingly, the theme of an over the top comedic personality bent on redefining the views of his audience through deceit and belligerence , who actually faked his own death, and who “became” another person, is presented in the movie Man on the Moon.

But even if Alex is the best opposition that money can buy and will lead us astray if we are not vetting what he says, and in spite of the fact that he has allied with those standing against the pedophile rings, let us not throw out the truth that these rings really do exist, and are systematically doing unspeakable things to thousands of infants and children, and really are seated in very high places of money and authority.

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