The Pedophile Wars

Didn’t I hear Glenn Beck trashing Alex Jones the other day? Here is what Jones is really up to. He, along with a bunch of others that he is aligning himself with, is outing the pedophiles.

Trump is busting these people. Over 3,000 arrests now, with no news coverage, and the courts are sitting on their hands. Jones is covering it.

The media has worked hard to reframe pizzagate as a flap about just the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant. If they could get you to think it is just about the “conspiracy crazed” shooter at the retaurant, they would (This may be why Jones said some ill advised things that, when seen in narrow focus, undermine the anti-pedophile movement.)

The Clintons are in the pedophile industry up to their eyeballs … and Savile, Prince Charles, etc.

Craig Sawyer is taking on these monsters and defending the children.

Actually it gets worse than merely raping children.

So CNN and all, you want to rebake your pizzagate? Eat this pizza!

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