Assad – Good or Bad?

Why the Syrian conflict is not a civil war

 September 3, 2016 (Notice the Date!)

A delegation from the US Peace Council (USPC) has recently returned to the US from a fact finding mission to Syria. … The delegation stated that each member paid their own way and that the Syrian Government allowed them to meet whomever they wanted.

Damascus,Syria - August 04,2010 : Pre-war Syria.A poster of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad hangs in front of a shop in the old city of Damascus.Syrian flags.The number of Syrians who fled the Civil

They issued their report and held a press conference Press conference at the UN on 9th August 2016.

One of the main points all members of the Delegation made very strongly was

“That there is no Civil War in Syria!” …

Contrary to reports in the Western media Christians, Muslims and secular Syrians are united behind the Syrian government and President Assad and are undivided in their fight against the foreign-backed mercenary forces who have invaded their land. …

Each delegate who spoke made the point that President Assad is elected democratically and that the Syrian people hold President Assad and his government in high regard and also point out that this is the main reason why Syria has been able to withstand 5 years of bloody war. …

Joe Jamison, coordinator of the Queens Peace Council, affiliated with the USPC (said that) in his opinion the US motive is to destroy Syria as an independent secular Arab state and make it compliant to US interests and policies, like Iraq and Libya have become since the US invasions and bombings of these two countries. …

Jamison pointed out that the US government supports Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups (whose names change often) who they claim to be ‘moderate rebels’ but who in truth are not moderate in any way and are affiliated either with Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

He mentioned the foreign backed mercenaries (ISIS) are fuelled by the Wahhabi doctrine which he described as

“a sick medieval and backward ideology driven by the Muslim Brotherhood with its genesis in Saudi Arabia.”

… Another delegate, Madelyn Hoffman, in answer to journalists’ question, said,

“It is a war of the Syrian people, all of them against foreign mercenaries who are funded and trained by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, US, and Israel.”

These mercenaries are trained in Qatar and move into Syria freely through the Turkish border. …

President Assad has claimed from the beginning that there was no uprising and that the country was being invaded by foreign backed mercenaries. Gaddafi said exactly the same thing when NATO started bombing Libya. …

The same scenario was acted out in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria …


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