And… It’s Free!

I’ve been pounding the table about cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Industry has tested and accepted it and will use it, but less than 6% of people know anything about it. So an app needs to come along that will change that. Well …

And it’s FREE!

And speaking of free, what’s better than free? Through the end of June and July of 2017 members in the iProNetwork who purchase any education package receive 100% of the purchase price rebated back to them in the form of Pro-currency (PROC). Well, that’s pretty much free. So why is it better than free? A limited amount of PROC is trading on the exchanges, and as of June 21 has been trading between $0.18 – $0.25 during the last week. The rebate deal will calculate it at the rate of $0.07 during June, and $0.10 during July, so you get 2 times or more PROC than if the company calculated it at the going rate on the exchanges.

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