Working for the Super Rich

Updated 5/6/17

“I did not complete the training, and didn’t become a psychopath.”

This man was a very smart Dutch businessman and successful entrepeneur, Ronald Bernard, was a  adept at shaping opinion and guiding behavior. And as he had no conscience (he says this himself), he was invited to lock his conscience in the freezer and work in the financial industry for the elite rich. This he did, and was accepted into their circles. As he gained their trust, they revealed that they were Luciferians/Satanists, and he learned that they served Lucifer. He didn’t believe in any of that. He was making lots of money, and he found their parties and rituals amusing.

He was living the good life  . . .  until they “invited” him to perform sacrifices.

Source: KJ Ozborne

 reports (Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals, May, 2017) that Bernard’s background checks out, and cites an article in de Volkskrant from January 2017. He quotes Bernard from the above taped interview.

You can say, religion is a fairy tale, God doesn’t exist, none of that is real. Well for these people it is truth and reality, and they served something immaterial which they called Lucifer. … I went to places called Churches of Satan.

So I visited these places and they were doing their Holy Mass with naked women and liquor and stuff. And it just amused me. I didn’t believe in any of this stuff and was far from convinced any of this was real. … I didn’t make the connection yet. …

It was the good life. But then … I was invited to participate in sacrifices abroad. … That was the breaking point. Children.

Had he accepted, he would have been locked in. He explained that his refusal made him a threat to them since induction into these practices is the method the elite uses to control those placed in seats of power all around the world – through blackmail. Bernard said,

The people who do not underestimate the severity of this are but few. Because this is an annihilating force that hates our guts. It hates creation, it hates life. And it will do anything to destroy us completely. And the way to do that is to divide humanity. Divide and conquer is their truth.

Watson comments that, “the notion of members of the elite being connected to child pedophile rings is a manifestly provable fact,” saying (and I bold), “in virtually every major case across the world where child sex slave rings are exposed … members of the political, judicial and celebrity elite are embroiled.” Think about that.

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