Military as the One Percent

For eight years, Douglas Dietrich says, he was a Research Librarian for the Department of Defense at El Presidio Real de San Francisco Military Base. There, along with his primary duty of document destruction, he says he was assigned to locate and access incredibly rare occult grimoires for the officially recognized Satanic Chaplain of the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Aquino.

Before watching this interview, let the viewer be advised that Dietrich may not be a credible source. A more trustworthy account of pedophilia and other corruption in the military may be found here: The Military and the Mob

Douglas speaks about occultism and Satanism within the U.S. Military. He also shares his evidence for child abuse, pornography, blackmail and mind control in the military. In the second hour, Douglas tells more about documents he was able to read. He talks about medical experimentation on military bases and satanic crimes. He speaks more about Colonel Michael A. Aquino and the First Earth Battalion. He shares stories of his personal accounts of Satanism. Later, we talk about how far along the military is in the area of paranormal research.

Aquino channeled a demonic tome that came to be called the Diabolicon. It was used as a focus to manifest demonic screams and noises that disoriented the enemy during the Vietnam war. Aquino became recognized as the Satanic Chaplain for the military.

In a unique take on the one percent, Douglas points out that the U.S. military represents less than 1% of the American population, but that it is in control of 50% of America’s wealth. At 30 minutes in, Douglas puts the military/intelligence/industrial complex in charge of the pedophilia and the resulting control of America’s power structure through blackmail. He then spends the next 30 minutes describing this.

He clarifies that Aquino was a Luciferian, not a Satanist. In fact he say Aquino left LaVey’s Church of Satan to organize the Temple of Set. This is the man that the Army approached to have him write their handbook for chaplains. Why not a Catholic, or a Jew, or someone? Why a Luciferian? Think about what that says about army culture.

For those who want to vet Dietrich, I recommend visiting Debunking Douglas Dietrich, by Burners.Me.

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