Turning the Silk Road

Exclusive: ISIS, the Mob and Trump, More History than we knew

As this story continues, we will see how the CIA mechanism for crushing Iran’s economy was also used to build ISIS and finance al Qaeda and its sister, ISIS in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and around the world.

How does this tie into the firing of FBI Director Comey we ask? Well, … once this trail is taken, and that’s exactly where Comey began two days before his firing, the whole game was going to be exposed.

Billions in stolen money, a massive criminal organisation in and around Donald Trump and eventually the story of the century – how the most dangerous criminal organisation ever known could place one of their own in the White House. …

(Part 2: Trump, Turkey, and the DHS)



I don’t know why Duff and Greenhalgh, writing above, are so shocked that “the most dangerous criminal organisation ever known could place one of their own in the White House.” Henry Kissinger has advised several administrations from the White House before showing up at Trump’s side. We had two generations of the Bush family, starting with ex-CIA head Bush senior – and yes he and the CIA were dealing drugs. We had CIA’s pick for president, Bill Clinton and the BCCI (from Bill’s home state) scandalously caught laundering money for Chinese and other crime families. And lastly we had the probable CIA cut-out Barack Obama serving Saudi interests and raising lawlessness to a presidential art. We should be surprised that the Trump administration represents a similar or the same organization?

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