Trump, Turkey, and the DHS

Exclusive: ISIS, the Mob and Trump, More History than we knew

(This continues from Turning the Silk Road) … There is a real story behind (former Trump administration national security advisor who resigned in February, 2017) Michael Flynn and Russia, there is no Putin in this story at all. There is certainly malfeasance and FBI Director Comey was fired because he was close to stumbling upon the story we are going to relate to you below.

… We know that back in 2006, Felix Sater, out of prison thanks to snitching deals he had cut with both the FBI and CIA, had his hooks in Trump. Sater, one of the leaders of New York’s massive Jewish community, … is also head of what is often called the Russian Mafia … . Nominally Russian by origin of birth, in truth the Russian mob is as much Israeli, from the same origins as the nearly 600,000 “settlers” living in the occupied West Bank, technically Jordan, now a part of “Greater Israel.”

The poor moved there, (and others,) those who could steal, particularly those high in the KGB and other security services, looted the Soviet Union and with help from the CIA, a project I am personally familiar with, took over New York City, the epicenter of world organized crime.

To this group we can add the other partner in Soho, Tevfik Arif, the man at the heart of Turkey’s massively powerful criminal machine, who delivered into this group not only the muscle of the Erdogan family and control of the Turkish Armed Forces with its newfound partnership with Israel.

He also brought control of Turkey’s intelligence services inside the United States (through) their long-term partnerships with both Israeli and Saudi intelligence and (the) penetration of the FBI, CIA, DIA and utter control of DHS (by the Israelis/Saudis).

The Department of Homeland Security from day one was an Israeli run organization, built and structured on Israel’s own security services (and) capable of sidestepping the US constitution and putting a full fledged police state in place. The DHS is America’s “Tel Aviv,” an organization that oversees, defends and regulates, to an extent, organized crime influence over America. …

(But) let us not simply focus on the “kosher” and forget the problem is crime and not religion and ethnicity. …

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