The Oligarchs

Exclusive: ISIS, the Mob and Trump, More History than we knew

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on May 12, 2017

(I am breaking the above article into parts. Below is continued from Turning the Silk Road, Part 2: Trump, Turkey, and the DHS.)

… We are now getting into a group commonly called “oligarchs.” Back when Italians ran things, they were called “dons.” Whenever you hear the term “oligarch,” you can safely assume you are dealing with an organized crime figure with ties to Israel and the powerful right wing Likudist faction there. Here in America we call them “developers” or “investment bankers.” We used to call them “mob kingpins.”

These are violent criminals and, as they flooded into the US from Russia and Turkey beginning in the late 1980s, they brought with them the full weight of the powerful security apparatus of the Soviet Union and used it to overwhelm American law enforcement, crushing organizations like the FBI.

There are many levels of organizations that could be called “criminal” today. Some are non-state players like ISIS or al Shabab, others intelligence agencies that commit crimes to promote national policy but most are corporate.

In the 9/11 world they include the massive mercenary armies the US called upon under Bush 43 to run the Afghani drug trade and promote Israel’s globalist polices. …

Where current events in Washington tied to Russia’s part in the election the Russian Hack meme) are off track is simple, the major players in Washington are Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, now openly working in concert, openly working against the US as well, and using influence that has grown proportionally with corruption in American politics. … No, it isn’t Russia whatsoever.

It was in this period that Gen. Michael Flynn fell into their hands, but it wasn’t just Flynn, a dozen or more major intelligence figures in Washington, during the post-9/11 years, were traded back and forth like baseball cards between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Eventually, these three nations controlled all briefing material for the White House and National Security Council, for Congress and even for the Pentagon. The CIA didn’t go rogue, it simply ceased to exist under any type of American control.

Remember, the CIA was never able to find its legs in the post-Cold War era; as with the Reagan years, Bush 43 had relegated the CIA to minor league status as dozens of new agencies were created and all placed under de facto control of the Office of National Intelligence and the Dept. of Homeland Security. Had the offices for those two organisations been relocated to Tel-Aviv, it would have been no surprise to anyone.

Thus, US policy became, in a sense, Israeli or Turkish or Saudi policy; but in reality, served criminal organisations that had gained hegemony over those nations and calling the Royal House of Saud a criminal organisation is akin to saying Joseph Stalin was not a nice chap.

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So the authors are presumably thinking that Comey was fired because he was about to stumble upon and inadvertently expose the above cabal.


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