Michael Flynn – The Obama Years

Exclusive: ISIS, the Mob and Trump, More History than we knew

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on May 12, 2017

(I am breaking the above article into parts. Below is continued from Turning the Silk Road, Part 3: The Oligarchs. To recap, America is in turmoil over the claim that the Trump administration was installed by the Russians, and that Trump fired Comey to prevent him from investigating this. However our intrepid journalists have shown us that we must make a distinction between the Russian government led by Putin, versus the Russian mob, which is international and at its core is not Russian. The latter, they say, influences Trump much more than the former. They say that Comey was fired to prevent discovery of the nature and the activities of this international criminal consortium. The segment below discusses some of what will be discovered if Michael Flynn is honestly investigated.)


The CIA came to Obama with a programme to take down Iran’s economy (sometime not long before 2010). … Here’s how they set Obama up. … He would never be given an inch, worse still, the mechanisms put in place post-9/11 were nearly impossible to resist – the surveillance state, America and its crusade against Islam, no matter what Obama would say or do, policy continually returns to the narrative established by 9/11. Once the narrative of a clash of civilisations was created … America became a runaway train.

Obama knew Iran had no nuclear weapons, but when the CIA brought in Felix Sater’s plan, he believed he was going to gain the friendship of powerful key Republican policy makers … So, with a newly-minted Michael Flynn at his side, on the payroll of Turkey or Israel or both, the White House okayed a plan to defraud Iran of billions of dollars.

We’re going back to 2011 now, Flynn was just moved into Obama’s Office of National Intelligence, groomed for this position we are told, by two foreign intelligence agencies – neither of them Russian. A year later, Obama was to put Flynn in charge of the Defence Intelligence Agency, based on the recommendation of traitors that surrounded Obama during his entire presidency (They are being too easy on Obama, imo. I would have not said surrounded, but served or supported. I don’t think he was so much the victim here. Just ask the Lowly Fly!).

Let’s clarify this about Michael Flynn, the Russians gave him 60,000 dollars to make an ass of himself in Moscow; Turkey gave him half a million, that we see … . We believe he was still on their payroll while he was working in the White House (under Obama), he was certainly still being paid by the Turks when candidate Trump sent him to the CIA for the top secret briefing that he passed on to a foreign intelligence agency.

We believe that Flynn was picked up by the Mossad when he was in Afghanistan; we find what our sources tell us is a pure Mossad handler in his personal retinue who shadowed Flynn from the DIA all the way into the Trump White House. …

Trump’s handler is, of course, Ezra Cohen or also known as Ezra Cohen-Watnik, a 30 year old Israeli who has shadowed Flynn from the DIA and right into the White House. It was Cohen that burned Flynn to Congress and the FBI. As to the why, who ordered what, all the evidence is not in. …

(Returning to) the CIA move against Iran. Turkish gangsters under the guise of discussing the purchase of natural gas from Iran approached Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani … . Long before he began considering running for the Presidency, this was a Donald Trump project.

You see, the mobsters that the CIA had gotten in bed with, capable of moving Iranian oil and laundering billions of dollars despite UN-imposed sanctions were Trump’s business partners in his Manhattan Soho project.

Iran was offered a deal by its ‘good friend’ Erdogan. (They at first thought it as genuine.) It was (not until) 2011 when Iran first learned that Israel had set up an airbase in Azerbaijan in order to attack Iran; it took some time for Iran to come to grips with the fact that Israel’s military outpost in the Caucasus was entirely dependent on logistical support from the Turkish military and the Republic of Georgia.

So when Erdogan came to them with a deal about trans-shipping their oil and banking their cash in order to circumvent US-imposed sanctions, Iran was also unaware to what extent traitors in their own midst were involved. …

Now, let’s remember who the team is … . (Babak) Zanjani was not working alone, he had accomplices outside Iran who participated in the smuggling of the Iranian oil and funnelled the profits into the creation of ISIS. … We have Zanjani on the ground in Iran and a network of Google ‘operatives’, as this deal unravelled, he would be publicly hanged: Iran billionaire Babak Zanjani sentenced to death …

Zanjani worked with a number of Turkish businessmen, members of the Erdogan crime syndicate that runs Turkey; they include Erdogan’s son and Arif Arif, son of billionaire Kazakh property developer Tevfik Arif. … Arif was one of the three partners in the failed Trump Soho development in Manhattan, the other partners were Felix Sater (head) of the Russian Mafia and Donald Trump.

In Turkey, we have Erdogan and Tevfik Arif, their respective sons, their oligarch banker friends and most important of all, their powerful assets in the United States which included, as of 2012, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as the Director of the DIA … .

In the US, Felix Sater, of course, Donald Trump, and the appearance of what, to some, may have been ‘Russian Oligarch’ of course, there was and is, nothing Russian about them….

This was the Kosher Nostra, those who looted the Soviet Union and laundered billions in Russian foreign currency holdings through the Alfa Bank among others, straight into then bankrupt Donald Trump’s organisation.

(Turning the Silk Road, Part 3: The Oligarchs)



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