Arch of Baal, Arch of Edom. Three Arches and your Out!

Arch of Ba’al, With Shadowy Ties to New World Order, May Be Messiah’s End-of-Days Gateway: Rabbi

A pagan arch erected in Italy one month before the meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders in the same country may be the portal whose opening could usher in the age of the Messiah – or a sinister World Order, a prominent rabbi has claimed. …

The structure is a reproduction of a Roman victory arch built in Palmyra, Syria at the end of the second century CE. Originally it stood in front of a Roman temple where pagans worshiped the Mesopotamian god, Bel, also known as Ba’al, in a form of idol worship that figures prominently in the Bible. The original arch was destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in 2015, but one year later, the Institute for Digital Archaeology used 3-D printing technology to reproduce a 20-foot  full-scale replica. …

Rabbi Daniel Assur, a member of the nascent Sanhedrin, to Breaking Israel News … that this connection to Ba’al was essential to the New World Order, and was therefore necessary to elements in the G7 seeking world domination. “The New World Order is not a secular, atheist movement … . They combine worship of Ba’al with worship of the Egyptian god, Isis, and also the true name of God. They need to bring together all of these elements. … This arch brings together all the necessary elements for the New World Order … . If you look at where this arch has appeared, it is clearly a pattern moving towards a specific goal: Messiah. The question is, whose Messiah will it be?” …

Rabbi Assur said that the arch’s role in bringing the Messiah was explicitly described in the Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin (78a).

The disciples of Rabbi Yossi the son of Kisma questioned him, asking when the son of David (the Messiah) will appear. … He then said to them: When this gate will fall, be rebuilt and fall again, be rebuilt again and fall again. And before it will be rebuilt for the third time the Messiah will appear.

… “There is no question that the (Arch of Palmyra) is the portal for a new world that the Talmud is speaking about. If the New World Order succeeds, then they will rule, God forbid,” Rabbi Assur said. “But if the Moshiach ben David (Messiah from the House of David) comes through the portal, he will rule over them, over the New World Order.”

The first modern reappearance of the Arch of Palmyra was in London’s Trafalgar Square in April 2016, when it was rected (sic) for(UNESCO) World Heritage Week. The unveiling coincided with the beginning of a 13-day period known in the occult as “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast”, the most important holiday for those who worship the god Ba’al, celebrated with child sacrifice and bisexual orgies.

In February, the arch was assembled again as the centerpiece for the World Government Summit in Dubai, an international meeting of global leaders to discuss policy. …

The reproduction (now has been) erected in Florence, Italy, one month ago as part of the first-ever Cultural Summit of the G7. …



Well, that makes three. The arch has been put up and torn down three times. So where is the Messiah predicted in the Talmud? In my opinion, no false deity will be stepping through an Arch of Baal to establish the New World Order (NWO) of illuminized Masonry and the international banksters. I think that the antichrist will be a figure rising up against them. But even if a Moshiach ben David were to arrive using some Arch of Baal as a portal and were to throw down the NWO, this would be a false Christ.

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