War with Syria!

The U.S. and Iraq are at war with Syria. Undeclared of course, but what else would you call this? Or at least, so says Veterans Today.

The US Special Forces, aiding al Qaeda and ISIS groups masquerading as “Free Syrian Army,” a hideous joke no sane person takes seriously, is now going head to head with the Syrian Arab Army, the military force of the legal government of Syria.

(Quoting SouthFront) “The US-led coalition is desperately trying to prevent the Syrian government from restoring control over its borders with Syria and Iraq. Since Friday, US-backed militant groups, also known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), have repeatedly attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies near the Zaza area, the Zuluf Reserve and the Scientific Research Battalion area (all in Syria). However, government forces repelled attack, killing unknown number of militants and destroying at least 4 vehicles belonged to the US-backed groups.”

“According to pro-government sources and available photos, the so-called opposition actively uses Switchblade suicide drones against government troops in the area. This means that the US Special Forces are involved in a standoff with the SAA.” …

“On Saturday, SAA deployed the 800th Battalion of the Republican Guards in the eastern Zuluf reserve area. The battalion 800 is among the best-equipped units of the SAA. Its deployment in the area shows that the Syrian military is not going to abandon its attempts to restore control over the border area.” (Video Report: US Suffers Reverses as Trump’s Plan to Aid Terrorists is Realized by Russia)

Meanwhile Iraq, which seems to have become a major partner with the U.S. in other ways, is allowing “Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units” to move into the area.

While the US-led coalition was opposing the Damascus government, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) liberated the (Syrian) town of Al-Qahtaniya. The goal of the PMU advance is the ISIS stronghold of Al-Ba’aj, 36km from the border with Syria (in Iraq). (Video Report: US Suffers Reverses as Trump’s Plan to Aid Terrorists is Realized by Russia quoting SouthFront)

Veterans Today offers their perspective:

The version VT has of the deal the US is cutting in Raqqah is slightly different than presented here.  We watched the Turks move into Al Bab and load 900 ISIS fighters into trucks and move them to Raqqah.  We belief the US is planning to move ISIS, along with their Saudi and Israeli command, to Deir Ezzor (This would defend the eastern region of Syria where the SAA is seeking to gain control).  The US plans to move into that region from the South, through Jordan … . The US is clearly trying to seize (eastern) Syria and is working hand in hand with ISIS and al Qaeda to do it. (Video Report: US Suffers Reverses as Trump’s Plan to Aid Terrorists is Realized by Russia)

Personally, I think that a U.S. backed Islamic rebel coalition will take all of Syria, or that this will have morphed into a Russian/Islamic coalition by that time. The freedom and life that Christians have had there will be crushed. Then the eventual destruction of this Islamic Syria will fulfill the destruction of Damascus as is prophesied in Isaiah 17. This Islamic State of Syria will at some point see Gog, “King of the North” rise as its charismatic leader.

Then it gets really interesting.

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