Call me Superstitious, but Holy Smokes!

June 1, 2017

Today I was startled to see the headline “Vatican on Fire!” when upon investigation it was revealed to be a fire billowing copious amounts of black smoke in a neighborhood immediately behind the Vatican.

I wondered what kind of a sign the illuminists were perpetrating this time, since the Vatican has become a stronghold of their power. But upon learning that it was not actually on fire, I went away content. So there were no holy smokes – just neighborhood blokes – on fire. Until …

A little later I began to watch the 2008 version of the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. I had to stop watching at 1 hour, 11minutes, and 11 seconds. Why? Because, during a segment of faux news footage of the world in utter panic and chaos, I saw the footage flash before me that I had seen of the Vatican fire. It’s not the Vatican, but it is a cathedral or whatever, and is certainly intended as the same image. So much so that I was sure I had seen footage of the actual event taken from this same angle. But I can’t find it now. Take a look.


What are the odds?

So what is the sign? The answer may lie in the message in the movie. The aliens are coming, and they have judged mankind, and there is no power on earth able to stop them. And there will be utter chaos while they attempt to save the planet from nuclear devastation, “a chain of events through which the film broadcasts a stern warning against automatic hatred of anyone who appears to be different. (M. Keith Booker, Alternate Americas: Science Fiction Film and American Culture as quoted by” Our only hope, the message goes, will be to accept these aliens into our midst as brothers – well senior partners and spiritual guides.

Come on, you xenophobes, get with the program! You think we’re seeing political correctness on steroids with all the Trump-phobia now. This is the next step … what we’ve all been waiting for. This will be political correctness on hallucinogens.

Sound crazy? Nope. Something very much like this will actually happen, but it will be the ancient aliens and their offspring nephelim returning. They really will be more spiritually adept (an understatement), but they won’t be what they say they are, and they won’t be the boon to the human race that they claim. They hate the human race. Their very ugly history proves it.

With this symbolic Vatican fire, the illuminists (or Luciferians, or World Elite if you prefer) may be signaling that the time has come.

Is that you, Klaatu?

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