Bombing Staged in the Manchester Arena

To say the bombing was staged is not necessarily to say that there were no actual terrorists or bombs. It is to say that someone very high up in the system scripted it and produced it. Their actors may not have known that they were actors. They use lots of actors who don’t know they are acting out a program even though they are doing it.

To anyone not already a “Truther” the beginning of this video may not seem at all convincing at least until about 2 minutes and 33 seconds in, where Romano says, “This is what you have to understand about the media and the controlling system. It’s come to a point where people in the Truth community realize that no matter what it is when it’s a mainstream media story there is at least some deception in it.” And speaking of fake news, the mainstream media is where you will most consistently find it, which is why they have created the fake news meme in order to point that fat fake news finger away from them! Don’t let your attention be diverted.

It is at the 2 minute 33 second point where he really gets going. But if you are not familiar at all with the subject of the MK Ultra type of mind control, please check the links I provide below the video for a proper background. Otherwise you might just think, “oh, what a loon!” Romano is no loon.


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