Jared Kushner

Soros said he had had, “a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.” But on the other hand, “Trump’s presidential campaign, which Jared Kushner helped orchestrate, vilified George Soros.” So what gives here? Duplicity?

Meanwhile, Kushner has had a meteoric rise within the Trump administration, and Trump is sending him all over the Middle East, telling him that if anyone can resolve the issues there, he can. So, the man of peace?

Kushner’s offices on Fifth Ave, NY, are at street number 666. At $1.8 billion, he paid quite a premium to get that address. Personally I don’t think Kushner is the antichrist, but that he works for him. His connections are too obviously criminal it seems to me for him to be the antichrist. But maybe the world is more easily fooled than I expect.

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