AI eats our Lunch

From SkyNet is Sentient and Will Destroy Your Investments and Pension

Jun 16, by Cognitive Dissonance

“These days over 60% of actual ‘trading’, meaning buying and selling of stocks, bonds and derivatives, is executed by (thinking) machines aka computers. … In an effort to increase the efficiency of trading computers (read that as make them more PROFITABLE) computer scientists and programmers have infused the computers with increasingly sophisticated AI software. Meaning these computers can now learn very quickly on their own. …

“Now here’s the kicker. … Once the AI computer is turned on and the software begins to ‘learn’, no one knows exactly what it is doing or why. And the longer it learns, the more it can and will deviate from its own original programming. …

“The AI trading software has one prime directive. Make money… . It does this mostly by making tiny (profitable) trades tens of thousands of times per second. …

Meanwhile, “All the financial markets are currently awash in oceans of liquidity. Meaning nearly free money,” to leverage freely into greatly magnified profits – and risk. …

“The easiest way for the machines to make money is to push the market up. But when the tide turns, and it always eventually turns, the machines will shift to making money on the way down with the same speed and zeal they apply to the ‘up’ market. …

“But alas, we are dutifully assured by various financial high priests and powerful fiat wizards that capital markets are efficient and highly regulated. … Lies. Damn lies in fact. …

“UNFORTUNATELY the problem is even worse than outlined, if that’s even possible. IF the world’s governments weren’t spending money like drunken sailors and IF the world’s central banks weren’t printing money out of thin air like mad hatters and IF personal, corporate and governmental debt wasn’t well past the point of ever being paid back and IF public and private pensions weren’t severely underfunded despite an all time high bond and stock market and IF student loan debt default rates weren’t at 30% and rising and IF the US wasn’t going full police state and IF….well, you get the picture.

“When the next financial crisis hits, it will be the central banks and governments who will suffer a crisis of confidence. …

“So exactly who will come to the rescue of the various global governments? Yup, you and me, that’s who. And we won’t be given any choice in the matter. Suddenly the rapid expansion of the police state makes more sense when seen from this perspective.

“We will witness our (large) bank deposits, along with stocks, bonds and other ‘securities’ vaporize as “We the Morons” are bailed IN, not out. Our money will be confiscated and swapped for bank equity, government bonds or some new type of fake fiat in order to protect us from the disaster they created. …

“So when do the fireworks start? To be perfectly frank I haven’t the foggiest idea. … But remember this. All confidence games are pretty solid right up until confidence is lost.”

It won’t be we the people who lose confidence. It will be the Wall Street crowd – the insiders. The connected.

“The markets will be shut, the banks closed and all trading ceased before the public is told there is a serious problem. Usually this occurs over the weekend and these institutions simply don’t reopen on Monday. Your money will be frozen in place and completely inaccessible. Sure, the relative small dollar amounts in checking and savings accounts might remain available. But the big chunks will be locked away under ‘capital control’ decrees.

“Suddenly it will be a brave new world … .  Either be a victim (whocouldanode) or break from the herd and prepare for the inevitable. … (Source)

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