Ignorance vs. Anthropologist

Anthropologist loses. Are we witnessing the end of culture and beauty?

Okay, to appreciate what is going on here you are going to have to forget that he is white, even Germanic, and was accused of being a Nazi. If these accusations make your eyes cross and your brain freeze, or even if I had to say that, you are victim of the social engineers and the following links are remedial reading for you. We are in danger of ignorant thugs destroying the pursuit of truth, beauty and excellence. We are in danger of burning all books and art that might contain or express truth, beauty, and excellence. Actually, society is in such grave danger that I hold out little hope for it, but I am lighting a match so that we can at least see the darkness that we are entering.

And even if its not remedial reading, check some links. I think you will enjoy!

Cultural Marxism and You

Ministry of Truth

National Security and Consciousness Acquisition


The Disney Dream

Socially Engineered Rap

Social Infiltrating

Careful what you Say, Moms and Dads

New Age New World

Weaponizing Sex, How and Why

The Once and Future Kings

Hillary, CIA, and the Nimrod Legacy


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