Wilcock, Disclosure, and the Blue Beam Scam

David Wilcock believes he is a “star child” and promotes “full disclosure”, which I have learned is disclosure of two things. It discloses the presence, activities, motives, and alliances of and with extraterrestrials. And it discloses the particular alliance that he calls “the cabal” which centers in Washington D.C., London, and the Vatican and controls at least 80% of the world’s wealth. If you have an hour and a half, you can watch his rather rambling presentation on all this from the May, 2017 “Contact in the Desert” convention.

On the other hand, according to Corey Goode, Project Blue Beam, MK Ultra, and the Luciferian Agenda, “David Wilcocks (sic) is being used by Corey Goode who is MK Ultra … . We are being set up for Project Blue Beam.” She had slipped into the New Age movement, but now says,

I have now doubt in my mind now, Project Blue Beam is upon us. Project Blue Beam … is being brought out in combination with NASA and the backing of the Cabal institutions like the Vatican. All these institutions have been trying to get us ready for aliens. They’ve been talking about aliens. They bring it to us through Coast to Coast (radio). the New Age religion is used to bring forth the New World Order. And you’re talking to someone who considered (considers?) herself a New Ager. You know back in the day I was doing all the ceremonies; I was there, “I’m a, I’m new ager, ascended master Saint Germaine.” Yeah, I’ve been down that path, believe me I’ve been sucked into it all. I’m talking to you from the other side. …

It is being used as a weapon. We are being set up for the false prophets and the Luciferians to try to gain complete control of the world under the umbrella of the New Age movement or the new Lord Maitreya who’s this prophet that they are training up, this Indian guy from east London who is like he’s, “gonna bring all the world’s religions into one and unify us all. It’s all going to be like peace and love and the blue avians are gonna appear in the sky and it’s just gonna be wonderful and they’re gonna release all these technologies to us and save the planet and the environment.” And this is project Blue Beam. This is how the New World Order gains complete control, because we’re going to be so happy that they’ve come to save us we’re just going to give up all control to them. … It’s going to be done in such a way that we’re going to embrace it. …

Don’t get sucked into it all, because they are planning something. All this antarctica, aliens, bodies they’re finding, bringing out through drip drip drip. We’re being made to believe it’s a good thing. “Oh its a disclosure that has to come for our ascension.” No. This is being brought to you by people like (pause) the Pope. NASA. Coast to Coast. Luciferians. This is the New World Order. This is Project Blue Beam.

They are ramping up. … Time for us wizards to really activate, and forget all about that nonsense. Project Blue Beam. Look it up. I’m going to link it down below. … This is the end game, and it’s coming, and we all need to be prepared. These false prophets – they don’t come looking like the devil. … They come fully brainwashed so they believe what they are telling you.

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