Don’t Speak Out in Minneapolis

Minneapolis sets up hotline for Muslims to report “Islamophobia”

JUNE 22, 2017

This is Minneapolis, a hotbed of jihad terror activity. But the city doesn’t set up a helpline for Muslims to report jihad activity. Oh, no. That would be “Islamophobic.” This is a helpline for Muslims to report incidents of “Islamophobia,” including, no doubt, rude remarks that are not criminal, and accurate analysis of the motivating ideology behind jihad terror activity.

“Hate speech hotlines operate as government enforcement of fascism,” said former Rep. Michele Bachmann. “They are a denial of free speech and the very definition of government censorship. Looking for government informants to rat out speech the government forbids goes to the heart of denying American citizens our inalienable rights. Governments CAN NOT do this under our constitution.”

Indeed. But no one seems to care very much about that anymore. …


(I don’t live in Minneapolis, so for at least a little while still I can say, they are softening us up for the kill shot. According to Shariah law – which is antithetical to the United States Constitution – speaking out against the Koran is punishable by death. For a better view of the road to this destination, get those windshield wipers moving and see The Mole – Grover NorquistBismillah, the Mark of the Koran, and the Chi Xi Stigma of Revelation; Christ Returns to Mt. SeirThe Medieval Roots of JihadGog, King of the NorthGoogle and the Dragon of Revelation 2017; and The Two Witnesses of Revelation.)


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