The Definitive Seth Rich Murder

Toxic New Details About Seth Rich’s Murder Emerge,


Despite being lampooned by the mainstream media … anyone who has studied the facts behind Seth Rich’s murder can smell something fishy. …

In addition to the decision by police not to investigate Seth Rich’s death as murder, what really drew the attention of all the crazy “conspiracy theorists” was the fact that at the time of his murder, Rich was one of five former Clinton “associates” who had become Clinton “adversaries,” all of whom died under very mysterious circumstances over a six-week span leading up to the DNC convention. … 

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the recent discovery that Heather Podesta, sister to John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager), served on the board of the Washington DC Police Foundation together with the police chief; the chief who served at the time of Rich’s murder. People have also discovered that comments on Rich’s Reddit account have also been altered to better fit the narrative.

… D.C. power broker Heather Podesta is the ex-wife of John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony, whose Podesta Group is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the world.

To put Seth Rich’s death into proper context, the following video by TRUTHstreammedia provides some of the details of the five former Clinton “associates” who had become Clinton “adversaries,” all of whom died … .

On May 23rd, Intellihub Reported: Seth Rich’s Original Reddit Posts Altered, 663 Comments Deleted …  and a number of areas in the thread were edited to better fit the false narrative already posted to Wikipedia.

On June 3, Intellihub reported: Mainstream D.C. Journalist Denied FOIA Requests on Seth Rich, Murder Cover-up Continues!

On June 3, Intellihub reported: Mainstream D.C. Journalist Denied FOIA Requests on Seth Rich, (including) for Chief Medical Examiner autopsy report. … Murder Cover-up Continues!

It’s obvious a massive cover up of Seth Rich’s murder is underway. …



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