Gates Who?

Some people say that Bill Gates is descended from Frederick T. Gates, and some say he is not. You will find in the quotes below some interesting cultural similarities between Frederick and Bill that tend to support the former opinion. And my guess would be that all the prominent Gates’s of today descend from one of two progenitors in the United States, George Gates, “born in Chelmsford, England on 1638 to Thomas Gates and Elizabeth. George married Sarah Olmstead and had 9 children. He passed away on 1724 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA (Ancestry)”. Or they could be descended from his father, the English knight Sir Thomas Gates (1585-1622), who served as governor of Jamestown Virginia.

Inetwork says,

“John D Rockefeller, around the turn of the twentieth century, was believed to be the richest man on Earth, like Bill Gates some hundred years later. … John D Rockefeller used Frederick Gates as his number one adviser, and often said Frederick Gates was the smartest businessman he knew. … Apparently, Gates met Rockefeller on a train journey … . Rockefeller complained to Gates that he was loosing money he invested in silver mines in Colorado, apparently through silver miners spiriting the silver out undetected. He said he would reward anyone who could find out how this was being done, so they could catch the culprits. Frederick Gates then travelled on trains passing through the area of the silver mines, on the cheapest coach fares, so as to be seated with miners traveling to and from the mines. … He quickly uncovered the means by which the silver was being smuggled out, and passed this on to Rockefeller. … Apparently, although he could easily afford to travel first class, Frederick Gates always bought the cheapest tickets when traveling, to maintain contact with the common man, and what was happening in that world. It is interesting to note that Bill gates also always travels coach class and gives a similar reason.

“Although Rockefeller had an apparently very public persona, he also was known for keeping his family life very private. … Frederick Gates himself was a very private person and kept his family and own dealings away from the public gaze, except for his work setting up Rockefeller’s charitable foundations, which was where the public were directed when enquiring about the Rockefeller’s. This could be seen as echoed in Bill Gates present public persona.

“What might mitigate against this connection is that the Frederick Gates and his family seemed very well settled on the East Coast, rarely moving much further west than Chicago. However, it could also be possible, after Frederick passed on, to help maintain the family’s privacy, they could well have moved on to Seattle.

“ADDED (August 27, 2014): It is most uncanny, that both Gates’ were and still are heavily involved with the destruction (shaping) of the American education system.

So, to recap the similarities between F. T. and Bill Gates, we them both:

  • Brilliant businessmen;
  • Cultural shapers, particularly through trusts and the public education system;
  • Managed public persona, but very private personal and family life;
  • Ride coach when traveling to stay connected with the common man.

Frederick T. Gates, besides being descended from a founding blue-blood American family, became involved with Rockefeller managing his business interests and philanthropic work (i.e., tax exempt trusts), and establishing the public education system in the United States. He was on the boards of directors of many Rockefeller and related corporations. These involvements make him formative to 20th century American culture. These things make F. T. Gates an American national treasure of sorts, particularly in the eyes of the social engineers.

In an interesting symbolic twist, Nicholas Cage plays a character by the name of Benjamin Gates in the Disney movie, National Treasure. I think we are all supposed to believe.

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