iProNetwork a Scam? Bwahahahahaha!

If I may be so bold as to say…


iProNetwork is the new Amazon! Not only is this not a scam (imo) but it is moving faster and producing better stuff than I could have asked (See my update from January 2018 here). When a startup service company actually produces the software it promised and the software works and it really connects to mainstream merchants; that tells me that I am not dealing with gangsters at the top of a ponzi who are buying yachts, drugs, and whores with my money, but with actual business people paying real employees and building a real business.

Here is what’s happening. iProNetwork has rightly identified and targeted two tidal wave trends: eCommerce (online shopping), and digital currency (cryptocurrency). Presently 94% of the world population does not know what digital currency is. When the floodgate of public awareness opens, that whole asset class and pretty much anything involved with it will be worth significant multiples more than it is worth today. So what is going to bring about mass adoption? eCommerce will.

Among all the uses for digital currencies, 81% of the time folks use them for retail purchases. When this becomes the standard way to buy online, we will consider the digital currency industry built out to its completed form. And this will definitely happen if for no other reason because transactions on a blockchain are radically less costly to the merchant than debit or credit card transactions.

Meanwhile, online shopping, or eCommerce, is driving brick and mortar stores out of business. And it is driving the surviving brick and mortar stores into accepting it within their walls. People will shop from their computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, or phones and pick up their orders in the store. Eventually people will even be shopping online from within their favorite stores (by scanning barcodes), determining whether they are really getting the best deal, and also bypassing the checkout register by paying online for what they get in the store.

I will give you my own meager example. iProNetwork has just released its free shopping app into the wild (Did I mention it’s free?). I logged onto my rewards account at home using my laptop and used it right away to buy some things. I (along with thousands of other network members) have purchases I need to make that I have been holding back on until I could make them this way. But I didn’t have the products delivered to me. I was shopping at AutoZone and went and picked them up.

Then it dawned on me that once I download my Pro Rewards app onto my phone I can go into a store, such as WalMart or Home Depot, and read product codes into my phone by scanning their barcodes to check for better deals or to put my order together through the app so as to get my Pro currency rebate by checking out through my phone. This kind of thing is going to become commonplace, and the iProNetwork has positioned itself to facilitate it.

To further ensure success, the iProNetwork is using the mlm, social sharing business model to get the word out. That is certainly working. I joined in February when there were about 5,000 members. Today there are over 50,000. That is a ten-fold increase in less than half a year. So you can join and just use the shopping app for free, or you can upgrade to a business account and make some money with it. Personally I think the potential is here to make a lot of money.

And, yeehah!, their shopping app is now live! It’s free. It engages over 4,500 merchants, and yes you will recognize major brands. You can do searches, you can get deals that are only available through the app, you get rebate rewards in the form of Pro currency. And if you share the app with others, you get rewards on their shopping activity as well.

For more information or just to get the shopping app use the form below:

But why did I say that iProNetwork is the new Amazon? Here it is. We are beginning Phase I of the business plan now. The free coin rebates reward shopping app has been released that lets you make your daily purchases online at thousands of stores, pay with dollars, and receive Pro currency back as a cash rebate. Phase II is planned for release in the fall.

A merchant app is now in development scheduled for release in the fall. This initiates Phase II, in which online merchants will be able to accept Pro currency for their goods directly.

But!! It has already started! Shopify is big competition for Amazon. There are 600,000 merchants using it to present themselves on the web. There is a plug-in for Shopify, called CoinPayments, that enables users to pay participating merchants with cryptocurrency as payment for their goods.  Out of the 750 some-odd cryptocurrencies, CoinPayments offers a choice of 70. Not only is Pro currency one of them, but Pro is in the top ten! So the marketplace is not waiting for Phase II; it is surging ahead.

Watch the crypto space. For that matter, watch Pro. This is going to be exciting and will be very profitable for those that get involved with the right products at the right time!

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