Harvey – Natural Flavors or Artificial?

Here is an interesting hypothesis. I know that weather modification is a patented fact, so it really comes down to speculation on the political realities, I guess.

Those hotspots that boiled up all that vapor really don’t look natural. Are there views of other hurricanes doing this? And the clips at the very end of the video showing clouds of steam coming from a power plant make one wonder what chemistry might be in that steam.

It was said of hurricane Katrina that it was artificially engineered, and the presence of a pentagonal eye was given as one of the evidences for that.

Which brings us to hurricane Irma. I assume that the picture in this article, describing Irma as being exceptionally powerful, is a picture of Irma? Whether it is or not, the video below confirms that the eye of Irma describes a distinct pentagonal shape.

Is that natural? I have seen images of Saturn with a perfectly defined hexagon formed by the clouds at its north pole.


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