The Psychopaths in your Head

Gang Stalking/Modern Mind Control

Kev Bakker Show
July 19, 2017

Below, Kev is interviewing Mr. Anthony Patch and Dr. Erik Karlstrom on gang stalking. You can listen to the first few minutes to hear Dr. Karlstrom’s substantial credentials to be talking about this subject.

Targeted individuals (TIs) are a test market for the voice to skull and gang stalking technologies. In the segment I take notes on below, he only speaks about the machine to brain and brain to brain links and not about gang-stalking per se. He is referencing Brian Tew, a TI who researched this extensively and is probably the most knowledgable person on this subject that there is – with the exception of the perpetrators, who for obvious reasons are not talking. Tew created a hypothesis, which Karlstrom is going through below. Here are some of his main points:

    1. The current program continues and builds on the MK Ultra / Monarch programs.
    2. The four primary agencies running it are CIA, DIA, Dept of Defense, and NSA.
    3. A large pool of subjects are needed for this kind of research. According the Tew there are 10s of millions of TIs in America and 10s of millions more around the world.
    4. Subjects get their minds linked up for life with conscious supercomputers, which send out a steady stream of bi-directional low frequency electromagnetic radiation to the target’s brain. The computers are duplicating the minds of their subjects, amalgamated into one by reverse engineering the wills, intellect, and emotions of their TIs. One of the end products is direct behavioral control over the TIs. (I expect that another is maturation of the computer to attain Artificial Intelligence and then to grow that intelligence.)Kev summarizes that, “conscious computers (are) targeting people’s brains … . The brain of the victim is illuminated with a stream of energy – photons – known as the information and injection feedback loop: otherwise known as the neural link.”The photons are used to change the quantum spin within the brain, changing 0s to 1s and vice versa; thus replacing memories, and modifying thoughts.
    5. The stream of electromagnetic energy is relayed from the conscious computer to the mind of the TIs via satellite, cellphone towers, and mobile platforms.
    6. The brains of the targets are digitized using nanotechnology and implants in the body and blood (sugar?). The nanotechnology adheres to the neurotransmitters of the brain. The nanotechnology is widely distributed via chemtrails. But it can lie dormant for years until and unless it is activated by connection to a computer stream. When activated, the hidden carrier frequency that piggy-backs on the continuous stream of electromagnetic energy from the computer interfaces with the nanotechnology in the target’s brain. There are two different interface technologies that are used. One is brain to computer interface. Another is transcranial brain stimulation.
    7. Through brain to brain contact (i.e., transcranial), leaders of the hive mind teams (3-6 people, each) inject impulses, memory attacks, verbal and visual entrainment, two-dimensional images, short videos, dream modulation, neuro-linguistic programming thoughts, images, holograms, etc., into the minds of the victims 100s of times a day. The leaders are typically psychiatrists.

Thus ends the first half of part 1.

I am stopping here, but at least now, the next time you hear a crazed lone gunman or something similar and they complain of hearing voices in their head telling them to do this, you can think back and wonder. Is there really such technology? Maybe they really did hear voices. Personally I hope you take this to the next step, and research this issue. If this stuff is really going on (and I think it is), it is both very evil and very dangerous to society and to your freedoms. The perpetrators won’t be happy merely invading and possessing the minds and lives of a mere few 10s of millions. They look to expand. They feel the need to control all of humanity – which means that eventually if not stopped they are coming after you and I.

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