Secret Destiny of America

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Russian occultist Madame H. P. Blavatsky once recognized this about America, and in her 1888 esoteric volumes The Secret Doctrine, said, “It is in America that the transformation will take place, and has already silently commenced.” [iii]

Since then, hundreds of occult masters have echoed Blavatsky’s recognition of America as the global power center for human apotheosis, designated by the founders and approved by the gods for what Manly P. Hall called “a secret destiny.” As thoroughly documented in my book Zenith 2016this marriage between American patriotic ideas and metaphysical spirituality is clearly seen in the motivation of Vice President Henry Wallace and President Franklin Roosevelt’s decision to place the Great Seal on the US one-dollar bill. Both men were Freemasons who saw in the Seal a “Masonic prophecy” about a future leader—a Fourth Turning Grey Champion—who would one day take the helm as leader of not only the US but the world at the birth of a new global order.

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Personally I don’t expect anti-christ to rise in America, but do think that the above “fourth turning” leader could fulfill the end-time prophecies about the rider of the white horse. But I don’t know much about those prophecies or their meaning. Can anybody help me here?

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