The Dragon and the Manchild of 2040

September 23, 2017 has come and gone and we are all still here. Those that thought that an awesome sign in the sky was foretelling the rapture, were wrong. It seems the great sign of Revelation 12 – the woman clothed with the sun, travailing to give birth to the infant king – was not what we were seeing this year. Or if it was, it signals soon-coming events and not concurrent ones. (If you’re not familiar with the story, you could visit NASA and the Dragon of Revelation , particularly the verses from Revelation quoted there).

So now I ask, what was it we did see; and what might the actual fulfillment of this sign look like when it actually occurs (and it will)? It will because it is biblical prophecy, but the question is, how? The obvious interpretation of the heavenly display prophetically described in Revelation 12 lends itself to some kind of astronomical / astrological event, and if that is true everyone agrees that it involves the constellation Virgo.

It was during the passing of comet Elenin in 2011 that I first became interested in the possible fulfillment of this sign. I came away convinced that it had been fulfilled, not just by Elenin, but by Elenin’s interacting with a configuration of the sun, the moon, and some planets in the constellation of Virgo. However, if it were fulfilled in the heavens at that time, it could not have been concurrent with the earthly events depicted – since they have not happened. It would have had to signify that we were entering the timeframe in which these earthly events would occur. Now I have looked into this further, and I’m not so sure that Elenin was the sign in the heavens that the prophecy calls for.

Here is why:

In the astronomical configuration of 2011, Saturn played the role of the dragon. The dragon is described in the prophecy as hovering at the feet of the woman in order to devour the man child when it was born. Venus played the role of the one being born, as it emerged from Virgo. Saturn is quite appropriate, since it is considered to symbolize Satan. But Venus, the goddess of love and war as the man child? That’s weak. Jupiter, which is widely regarded as the King and regarded by the Jews as representing the Messiah, would be much more appropriate.

Then again, this time in 2017, a possible astronomical fulfillment occurred. In the 2017 configuration, the “dragon face” of Google fame played the role of the dragon while Jupiter played the role of the man child. Jupiter hovered in the womb of Virgo for “nine months” and emerged from the birth canal in the fall. In this case, while Jupiter is the perfect choice, the Google face was a pretty feeble claimant. The face is not visible in the heavens (unless you can see infrared), and worse than that the Google image is from the 1980s!

In 2028, Jupiter will again play the role of the man child in Virgo, this time along with Venus, Mercury, and Mars. All of them pass through Virgo beginning in the fall of 2028, which is when the sun “clothes” Virgo (which it does in the fall of every year). But there is no dragon, unless you count the minor serpentine constellation beneath the feet of Virgo (which is always there). Of course there is the unlikely possibility that some comet or other anomalous object(s) will appear and fill out the rest of the prophetic description.


What else can we find? In the configurations above we either have Jupiter as the man child, or Saturn as Satan, but not both together. What happens if we look for them both to be in Virgo in the fall when the sun is in her house? Now it gets interesting. Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years, and Saturn 30. As seen from earth or the sun, they cross each other (a planetary conjunction) while in Virgo every 60 years. Starting with a convergence in Virgo at 0 it takes 5 conjunctions to arrive back at the original place (5 12-year Jupiter orbits). In the process, these 5 Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions draw a perfect pentagram with the sun at its center. That adds some spice.

The next time Jupiter and Saturn arrive together in the constellation Virgo is in 2040. Here is a chronology of the 2040 event in the heavens. As seen in SkyView, on September 11, 2040, the moon is at the feet of Virgo, with Venus and Mars being born, and Mercury and Saturn in the womb. Mercury, which moves quite fast, is about to be born. Saturn, which completes an orbit very slowly, will be in proximity for awhile. Next comes the best part: Jupiter is in Virgo too, slowly gaining on Saturn, which give the impression that Saturn is lying in wait for it.

By October 6 Jupiter is closing in on Saturn. Jupiter, Saturn, the sun and the new moon are all in a cluster in the womb of Virgo. And on October 8, the moon has moved to its prophetic position beneath her feet. Saturn is waiting to gobble up Jupiter, which it almost does as Jupiter passes it at the end of the month. By this time Mercury is in retrograde motion coming back up as if helping to prevent escape.


But during November, Mercury flees away, while Saturn chases Jupiter out the birth canal of Virgo, losing ground. Next Jupiter and Saturn struggle together, as they both go into retrograde and Saturn appears to drag Jupiter back into Virgo, until the summer of 2041. Then, by September 28, 2041, the woman is again clothed in the sun, now with both the moon and Jupiter beneath her feet as Saturn is chasing them down the birth canal. But Jupiter is now putting on distance and finally makes its escape.

It is as though the prophetic sign of Revelation 12 is being played out in the stars during 2040 and 2041 for approximately a year. This is all well and good, but none of it is actually visible from earth except the sun and a slight sliver of the new moon. Judging by the description in Revelation, whenever this story is revealed in the heavens, one would expect something ominous to be visible in the sky. Something that is putting fear in the hearts of men. If some heavenly object interjects itself between the earth and the sun, putting the sun into eclipse, that would certainly fill the bill. It would not only make the entire astronomical interplay in Virgo visible from earth, but it would be terrifying in its own right. I have no evidence that this will happen, but since this alignment matches the prophecy so completely, the skies should be watched as 2040 approaches.

That is particularly true if by then certain other pieces have fallen into place. As I explained in NASA and the Dragon of Revelation, certain political events will have already transpired by the time this sign is fulfilled. Whether the sign occurs simultaneously to the earthly and spiritual events which it portends, or whether the sign comes some years before, I do not know. But the political events that it depicts occur at the mid-point of the seven-year reign of the antichrist. Three and a half years prior to fulfillment of the sign in Virgo, antichrist will have conquered or come to rule in Israel and set up his seat of authority in Jerusalem. Very likely during this three and a half year prelude, the world would have seen the ministry of the two witnesses. Their ministry is quite spectacular and is described in Revelation, chapter 11.

At the mid-point of the seven years, antichrist will be seen sitting in the newly constructed temple in Jerusalem proclaiming himself to be God. At this time he will have the two witnesses slain. But in three days, they are resurrected and caught up into a cloud and to heaven. This catching into the air coincides with a great earthquake, and possibly with the catching up of many from their graves. It seems very likely that the ministry of the two witnesses is the birthing of the manchild referred to in the prophecy; and their being caught up is the catching up of the manchild that is depicted in the prophecy. It also makes sense that this catching up, which occurs in the sight of men, is the visible part of the “great wonder in heaven” of Revelation 12 that we have been talking about. Once this manchild is caught up, then persecution and beheading of Christians by the minions of the Antichrist will begin in earnest. This of course continues to fulfill the prophecy, which describes the dragon as persecuting the Church remaining on earth and which flees to the wilderness.

You can see these events discussed in some detail in The Final Exodus. Also see, The Millennial Reign.

Yikes! If the catching up of the two witnesses is a major visible part of the heavenly sign, and if the sign is framed by the above conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo, then we have some approximate dates for the rise of the antichrist three and half years before this, and the return of Christ three and a half years after this.

  • Antichrist rises in the spring of 2037 or 2038.
  • The two witnesses are caught up to the heavens in the fall of 2040 or 2041.
  • Christ returns in the spring of 2044 or 2045.

With apologies to those who say “no man knoweth the day nor the hour” I have to say that, “when the fig tree withers, you know that the hour is near.” I also ask, how close do antichrist and his players have to be before we can recognize them? Jesus did not say, “no man will ever know the day nor the hour,” and there will come some point in time when we will be able to discern it. Do I know that the above interpretation must prevail? No. But neither do I know that because these congruencies exist, the theory must be wrong.

At any rate, if it comes down to antichrist signing his seven-year peace agreement in Jerusalem – whenever that occurs – then all those understanding the scriptures relating to this will know that Jesus Christ is returning in seven years. They will at that time know “the hour and the day.” They will be in it.

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